Law students again denounce PM’s attacks on judiciary

The Law Students Society (GħSL) again denounced the prime minister’s recent statements, categorically condemning his unwarranted attacks on the judiciary.

“Despite the President of Malta’s appeal to the prime minister to allow the judiciary to work serenely, the prime minister has refused to listen,” the University student organisation said in a statement.

In his remarks, the prime minister again raised suspicions about the inquiring magistrate investigating the concession of three hospitals, insinuating that the timing of the inquiry’s conclusions was orchestrated to disrupt the European Parliament and Local Councils elections, thereby casting doubts on the magistrate’s impartiality.

Law students said such insinuations, without any substantial evidence, are a disingenuous attempt to undermine public confidence in the magistrate’s findings.

GħSL urged the prime minister to substantiate these claims against a member of the judiciary in the proper forum before the Commission for the Administration of Justice. “However, such calls were never met. It is, therefore, evident that the prime minister is smearing the magistrate’s name and reputation for political convenience.”

“It is concerning that the prime minister is again abusing the fact that members of the judiciary cannot reply to comments and attacks against them. GħSL strongly condemns any attempt to undermine the proper administration of justice and stands in solidarity with the Judiciary,” the students said.


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