Sacked minister set to become ambassador but retains parliament seat

Sacked Transport Minister Aaron Farrugia is set to be given a token appointment by Prime Minister Robert Abela as Malta’s emissary to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), although it is unclear what credentials he holds for the role.

In an unprecedented move, Farrugia will not be based in London – the seat of the IMO – as he will also be retaining his seat as a backbencher in parliament.

Farrugia’s nomination has been placed on the agenda of parliament’s Public Appointments Committee, which is expected to convene in the coming days to rubber stamp his nomination.

The government controls the committee as it has a majority of MPs who always vote in favour of government nominees.

Departing from protocol, where the Maltese representative at the IMO has always been a technocrat expert in maritime affairs, Farrugia is to be given this position, accompanied by an extra remuneration package, in compensation for losing his cabinet post.

Aaron Farrugia, 44, was the only minister sacked by Prime Minister Robert Abela in his latest reshuffle. Abela preferred Chris Bonett. The prime minister’s father, former president George Abela, used to work with Bonett on Malta Football Association matters.

Farrugia was harshly criticised for his failings during the few years he served as transport minister.

He also clashed with the PM-appointed CEO at Transport Malta, Brigadier Jeffrey Curmi, who resigned.

A series of scandals, including corruption, mostly associated with his predecessor Ian Borg, fell on Farrugia’s lap, with little done to clear the mess.

Farrugia’s appointee as CEO of Transport Malta, Jonathan Borg, was also unceremoniously removed from office just a few weeks after Farrugia’s departure.

Mark Mallia, the former aide de camp of the prime minister’s father when he was president, has been appointed in his stead.


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1 month ago

Id-deciżjonijiet tal-pajjiż jidher li qed jehodhom George Abela… u jpoggi lil hbiebu flok lill-kompetenti.

1 month ago

Suitably qualified for the appointment in the Gahan genre. Totally incompetent, sacked from previous appointment and given a cream bun to fuck off. I’m sure the IMO will benefit from his input, whatever that may be.

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