Government nominates former PN Balzan mayor as ambassador to Romania

Notary Ian Spiteri, the former popular Nationalist mayor of Balzan, who resigned from his post in 2021 for “personal reasons”, has been nominated by the government to become Malta’s non-resident ambassador to Romania, The Shift is informed.

Spiteri, from a staunch Nationalist Naxxar family and whose grandfather was a popular minister in the 1960s George Borg Olivier administrations, has little diplomatic experience.

Spiteri will be joining Anne Marie Muscat Fenech Adami, the Nationalist Naxxar mayor who was recently embroiled in political controversy after defying party orders to resign.

She was later cautioned by a party disciplinary board for “some shortcomings” over a conflict of interest in development plans for two apartment buildings at the former Trade Fair Grounds that the local council approved.

Muscat Fenech Adami is also being nominated for a non-resident ambassadorial post to Bulgaria.

Non-resident ambassadors do not hold significant importance within the diplomatic corps.

However, such nominations are usually seen as token rewards for people close to the government or in recognition of retired career diplomats. They are normally given a remuneration of some €5,000 a year and working visits to their representative countries are also paid for

Other names on the list of new non-resident ambassadors the government is seeking to have approved by parliament’s Public Appointments Committee include former Nationalist MP Ray Bondin, proposed for the non-resident ambassadorship for Pakistan, and Lino Bianco, a university lecturer and former Labour MEP election candidate (Bosnia & Herzegovina).

Also up for approval are Prof Charles Mifsud (Argentina), a close collaborator of former minister Evarist Bartolo, and lawyer Noel Camilleri (Georgia), who holds a number of public positions including that as a substitute at the Information and Data Protection Appeals Tribunal. Camilleri also works closely with the legal offices of former Nationalist Minister Carm Mifsud Bonnici.

The committee’s approval is a formality since the government commands the majority of its votes.

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1 month ago

The former PN Treasurer and former Nationalist MP, Antoine Borg, (from Rabat) has received his iced bun too from Labour. He has been appointed as board member of the Arbiter for Financial Services.

1 month ago
Reply to  Lisa

Mur ara kemm jiehu

Charmelo borg
1 month ago

Meta jidhlu il EUROS tispicca il principji kolla.
Lil Kristu in ittradieh?????
Mur ghoqod ippopa sidrek ghalijhom.

30 days ago

The PL is doing a favour to the PN exposing the corrupt , corruptable , the Trojans, and the spineless in the PNs ranks.and collecting them for 30 pieces of silver.

30 days ago

Are there not any Romanians living in Malta who would do a much better job, speaking the language would be a big advantage, oh yeah the Maltese don’t like us foreigners taking their jobs do they ?

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