MEP David Casa files court application over Christian Borg deposits

MEP David Casa today submitted a court application over revelations that the authorities failed to investigate, let alone prosecute Christian Borg, despite knowing about transactions that should have been flagged as money laundering risks.

The court application comes after an article in The Sunday Times of Malta alleging widespread money laundering practices and VAT fraud. Christian Borg, who has frequently boasted of his close ties to Prime Minister Robert Abela, is facing separate allegations of kidnapping and fraud.

Casa emphasised that none of the grievous facts alleged has been denied, including a vast €100,000 deposited across 47 ATMs in the span of just a month.

“The Financial Crimes Investigations Unit has been in possession of these facts for several months,” Casa said, citing police sources.

“Despite this, not only did they fail to act, but they did not even interrogate Christian Borg to demand an explanation.”

Casa highlighted the hypocrisy of those put through hell to manage their modest funds. At the same time, politically connected criminals continue to flaunt the rules to launder their millions in full view of the law.

“This is what is causing Malta’s reputational damage and rule of law collapse. Families and small businesses are being thrown under the bus to protect criminals,” Casa added.

The PN MEP slammed the banks for making thousands of people pass through a labyrinth of procedures to deposit small sums, with an inexplicable difference in treatment.

As the BOV is publicly listed, there is a duty to come clean with the public as to why it did not flag the illegal deposits to the FIAU, Casa declared.

Lawyer Jason Azzopardi filed the case.

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1 month ago

Malta needs people like David Casa. Well done !

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