The rallying cry from the Burmarrad washroom does not seem to have had its desired effect. Either Muscat’s rallying of the faithful in what he described as a “job to defend citizens from institutions” fell on deaf ears or his “voice of thousands” was not very much so. Notwithstanding the fact that his cry was echoed by that stalwart of his regime Manuel Cuschieri, the rallied troops turned out to be more of a Charge of the Light Brigata.

The side-lined faction of the disgraced former Prime Minister was rattling imaginary sabres following the prosecution of former roads agency boss Frederick Azzopardi. Azzopardi is facing prosecution for environmental crimes following a criminal complaint by the evergreen Arnold Cassola. Muscat took umbrage at the fact that his cousin’s husband was being charged for what he deemed to be the performance of his duty.

To Muscat this was nothing less than persecution.

The ramblings from the Burmarrad washroom have taken an even more bitter turn ever since it has become evident that the current Labour administration is taking great pains to distance itself from the Muscat era and the contaminated package that it represents. The problem seems to be institutions that are finally going through the motions of doing their work. There must be much nostalgia for the golden age of impunity, and this can be gleaned in every angry word whenever Muscat takes the to the stage to complain.

He complained in January following a police search of his Burmarrad home and office in Pietà. A furious Muscat delivered a series of veiled threats in an infamous video from his washroom. Again the intent was to remind the world of the popularity he claims to enjoy among the faithful. No legal procedures should withstand the might of the King of Impunity. Muscat would let it be known that he would not suffer such humiliation without consequences.

Joseph Muscat taking exception to the recent early morning visit from investigators, from his home in Burmarrad

Which brings me to the other dangerous delusional manipulator. Donald Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago was raided by the FBI, probably in connection with his having kept state documents after (unwillingly) leaving the Presidency. The search in Mar-a-Lago was reportedly linked to an investigation into Trump’s handling of classified and sensitive material.

Trump too is a notorious stirrer of the masses in times of need. The ugly scenes at the Capitol when the toupeed tycoon failed to placate the mob on a monumental day for popular democracy still burn in our minds as a disgraceful reminder of the dangers of populist leaders who have no time for the strictures of democracy and the rule of law.

There is a common line with the incidents involving the former leaders of the respective countries. It is an open, unapologetic disrespect to the systems of law that bind a country and keep it going. With Muscat the mask fell the moment his system of corrupt impunity began to implode. With Trump there was no mask to fall.

Donald Trump has also objected to this week’s FBI raid on his home at Mar-a-Lago

The US system of checks and balances seems to be working. Investigations into Trump’s actions as ‘leader of the free world’ continue notwithstanding the fact that he remains a strong figure in the Republican world and possibly still a contender for the next election. Inquiries by select committees actually have teeth (as we also saw in the UK recently). The Justice Department does not shy from tackling Trump.

Sadly, it would also seem that for someone like Trump this kind of legal battle is also an opportunity. From Mar-a-Lago the General will rally the troops with his fairy tale language of witch hunts, political persecution and “fake, fake, fake”.

Muscat has taken a leaf out of Trump’s book.

The ugly comeback of the 2019 Corrupt Politician of the Year is being plotted directly from the washroom in Burmarrad-a-Lago. Watch out for the messages that risk getting lost in all that noise.


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Joseph Tabone Adami
Joseph Tabone Adami
1 month ago

Mention is made that the current Labour administration is taking great pains to distance itself from the Muscat era and the contaminated package that it represents.

Are we so sure of that, after all?

1 month ago

If Portelli goes for elections we would have our local Donald Trump. Now we just have his factotum, Muscat. Portelli knows that stepping into politics would endanger all his empire, thus needs a puppet to protect his dealings.

Muscat and Portelli are not populists. They don’t really care about what is the majority’s opinion.In fact, they don’t need any opinion, as Maltese journalism consists essentially in publishing paid articles, begging for publics funds, avoiding legal battles. They just need a football team as supporters, a PA covering their illegal legacy, a bunch of friends without expertise running the administrations, Justice and Police included.

Trump left the White House to his private residence in Mare Lago. Muscat was always feeding on tax payer funds since graduation. When leaving Valetta, this professionnal politician went to enjoy “la maison” as if it was something natural.
At least Donald Trump can make the distinction between his private funds and public money.

Last edited 1 month ago by Robert
Mariatheresa Micallef
Mariatheresa Micallef
1 month ago

Someone must convince Michelle to give her Josef some laundry to take care of in his washroom to keep him gainfully and safely occupied.

carmelo borg
1 month ago

Alla falz ghadu jahseb li hu xi haga. Muscat il maskla mqarieqa qed taqalek. Jaqbillek tinheba jew tmur tghix Dubai fejn thobb tmur. Fil kas saqsi lil Johnny Cash ha isiblek gharix

Francis Said
Francis Said
1 month ago

Excellent article. It all boils down to delusion. Both are deeply sore at the fact that they are no longer in their former position.
In short sore losers and possibly scared what dirt might be revealed.

1 month ago

There is a time for everything.
Furthermore, results in an expiration date.

Unfortunately, some philistines do not notice when they have long exceeded it.
Don‘t you think so Mr. Joseph Muscat?

Maybe right now the time begins, when the people are laughing loud about you and stop smiling at and with you.

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