Shut up and go away

Accused murderer and alleged importer of a massacre-worthy quantity of firearms and toxins, Yorgen Fenech, is, according to his misguided mother, “not some kind of Rambo figure”.

His mother was writing an impassioned plea for everyone to stop being so mean to her son, the typical bully-boy who runs snivelling to mummy when his victims stand up to him.

Patricia Fenech’s diatribe, published on the “Yorgen Fenech Fan Club” blog of a university lecturer, was an example of the type of gas-lighting mendacity Malta’s had to put up with for the past eight years. It was dishonest, devious and an absolute outrage.

But one has to ask, where does she get the gall, the sheer brass neck to demand people feel sorry for her reprehensible offspring?

How dare she complain that people are critical of her son when she is the very person who brought him up, who, supposedly, imbued him with the values and principles he so clearly lacks entirely?

Her son, let’s not forget, is accused of paying for and organising the assassination of Malta’s leading journalist, Daphne Caruana Galizia, in order to stop her from exposing more of his corruption, money laundering and wrongdoing.

Her son, an alleged killer, according to the prosecution that has charged him with Caruana Galizia’s murder, decided that his ability to make money by fleecing the Maltese public and putting generations of Maltese into debt to pay for fuel at double the market price, so that he could pocket the difference, was more important than a human life, more important than a family’s devastation, more important than a country’s grief.

But of course, most of us are perfectly aware that apples, especially bad ones, don’t fall far from the tree.

And what a tree that was, to have produced this sleazy former casino boss, whose lack of morals is so complete that not only does he keep half the MPs in parliament in his pocket – doling out cash and jobs and hotel rooms to them as though he were tossing bones to a bunch of slathering hounds begging for treats – but he also cheats on his own wife and has “intimate friendships” with former “hostesses” while tumbling into rehab bragging to all and sundry that “money is our power”.

A more despicable character would be hard to find, if we weren’t in PL-hijacked Malta, being governed by a gang of the most soulless, dishonourable crooks ever to darken the hallowed halls of Castille.

But to get back to that tree. Patricia Fenech whimpered that people were being mean to her accused murderer of a son. She whined that the courts weren’t fair, she lied that her accused murderer of a son couldn’t possibly escape because where would he go, “completely on his own?” Miskin.

Never mind about the freshly-purchased flat in Paris, or the interest in a property in the US. Or any of the myriad other foreign properties the family owns. He’s got nowhere to go, all alone, miskin.

Yorgen Fenech is able to strut around bragging about his money making him powerful because Tumas Fenech, his grandfather, happened to be one of those miracle rags-to-riches stories that should warm the cockles of anyone’s heart.

Except this particular story does the opposite. Instead of producing a warm glow, it turns any properly wired heart to ice.

I can’t help gagging whenever I read a newspaper story about any of the Fenechs that describes them as “business tycoons”.

That’s almost like describing Al Capone as a “hospitality magnate”.

“Don’t ever talk to me about the honour of police captains or judges. If they couldn’t be bought they wouldn’t have the job,” Al Capone famously said.

“Money is our power,” our own, home-grown version crowed.

Is it possible that Maltese people have such short memories? Tumas Fenech started life as a humble plod in Hamrun, a police sergeant who managed, somehow on his policeman’s salary, to “cannily” buy, develop and sell property so that by the time he retired from the police force, he was able to buy into hotels and restaurants and casinos and, in short, build up an empire in a few short decades to rival any Chicago mobster’s.

Of course, his alleged “friendship” with the notorious 1970s thug-minister Lorry Sant, whose penchant for suddenly doling out building permits for “green area” land bought for pennies by his familiars, stood him in good stead.

As many of us remember well, under Lorry Sant, and for his very best buddies, “green” had a nasty habit of turning “brown” immediately after contracts changed hands.

The unholy alliance with corrupt politicians was the Holy Grail of wisdom passed on from grandfather, to father and then to hapless, cocky, hubris-courting son, Yorgen.

In any normal country, owners of wealth that’s built in suspicious circumstances, even if there’s not enough evidence for police action, would be shunned by polite society. Honest businessmen would shy away from being associated with them. Decent politicians would keep them at several arms’ lengths.

Here, though, the “mejtin bil-guħ” fall over themselves, tongues hanging out, to brown-nose them, beg favours from them, go to their weddings, eat Sunday lunch at their “ranches”.

And so, these dreadful people’s mothers, despite knowing exactly how their families’ money was made, despite understanding perfectly well how despicable are the actions of their sons, these appalling matriarchs take to social media or maverick lecturers’ blogs, to demand their criminal offspring are treated with kid gloves.

Accused financial criminal Keith Schembri, who’s been named in court by several of Caruana Galizia’s murderers as having been one of the lead conspirators behind her assassination, was the beneficiary of his own mother’s Facebook rant, when she demanded people stop being mean about her son because he was unwell.

If Josephine Schembri can write a Facebook post ranting about how much she wished she “lived in a dictatorship where freedom of speech didn’t exist” and people would be prohibited from saying anything true about her villainous son, then surely Patricia Fenech can go one further and write a whole article about how her deplorable offspring is a good boy really, no “Rambo figure” despite his artillery-focused internet shopping spree (the weapons never arrived, late delivery or something, hope he got a refund) and people really should stop being nasty about him.

Please go away, Patricia Fenech. Your son has been charged with murdering a journalist. Your son has been exposed as being involved in bribery of ministers, money laundering, and some of the most corrupt deals in Malta’s history. He was trying to escape Malta when he was caught by the police, he was being helped to abscond by his uncle and his brother. He was seeking to import an entire arsenal of deadly weapons.

Just shut up and go away. The damage your son has done to this country will take decades, if ever, to repair. Daphne Caruana Galizia will never be returned to us. The extent of corruption he engendered beggars belief. Shut up and go away. And thank your lucky stars that your son’s accusers are not made of the same vicious and vindictive stuff as he is.

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Paul Vella
Paul Vella
9 months ago

Mrs.Fenech should thank the stars they can still lay claim to the Hilton franchise.
Wonder whether the people at the top there have heard of their famous chain being mentioned in all this!

9 months ago
Reply to  Paul Vella

Perhaps you should share your concerns with the public relations department at Hilton?

The only way we can bring about change is by sharing these scandals with all those involved and then hopefully the combined pressure all of us who are appalled by events apply will eventually bear the results we deserve.

Joseph Tabone Adami
Joseph Tabone Adami
9 months ago

A very factual reflection of what many among us feel about the fairy-godmother’s efforts at whitewashing alleged heinousness.

One thing I would point out, however, regards the Fenech family connections with the the then Labour minister Lorry Sant mentioned in the entry.

As far as most of us remember the push given to the Portomaso/Hilton development was at its height in the early 1990’s and not during the 1971-87 administration.

For the record, may I suggest reference to an article by professor Briguglio in the Times of Malta of October 30th, 2011, (titled ‘The Problem with Portomaso’) which I came across in browsing for Portomaso development history on Internet.

Godfrey Leone Ganado
9 months ago
Reply to  Blanche Gatt

Regards the Portomaso/Hilton link, don’t forget the John Dalli link.
Businessmen like the Fenechs, Gasan’s, Apap Bologna’s etc, always have their legs spread on both sides of the political bridge to keep them wide open.
As regards the Gasans, the old man also had black moments in his business wealth developments.

Henry s Pace
Henry s Pace
9 months ago

‘ her deplorable offspring is a good boy really ‘
This quote was also said by Joe Gasan when he appeared before the court.

Henry s Pace
Henry s Pace
9 months ago

 “Money is our power,”
The State led by the disgraced joseph muscat and his cabinet of ministers including george vella now president of Malta were so corrupted that they could not recognise between black or white.

Last edited 9 months ago by Henry s Pace
9 months ago

U jekk ikunu kollha fil karozza wara notte Bianca, x naghmlu? Mexxi b kollox. The order from the miskin was murder the whole family, that was the order loud and clear.

carmelo borg
9 months ago

Mrs Fenech kont tajtek parir biex talaq halqek u tishet il mument li ibnek tahalt ma dawn il qabda BRİGANTİ. İssa li gejt esposta ghal kritika GUSTA ta xi individwi se ikollok id dewwi il ferita li ibnek fetahlek. Ferita li bhal zokkor sejra iddum ma tfieq jekk tfieq.

John Borg
John Borg
9 months ago

It’s not just Yorgen that deserves this scathing rebuke. It’s all the corrupt scum who aided and abetted all the deals he entered. Such as Konrad Mizzi, for agreeing to the Electrogas deal hedged at highly disadvantageous rates in the first place. And ultimately, it comes down to the fools who still voted for labour in 2017 despite mountains of evidence of corruption that went against the interests of the people.

Marianna Galea Xuereb
Marianna Galea Xuereb
2 months ago
Reply to  John Borg

True, but do not forget that Yorgen Fenech (and indeed the whole Fenech clan” gained most power and made most millions AFTER EFA came to power. In fact, they had it much better than they did during the Lorry/Salvu Sant era.

Godfrey Leone Ganado
9 months ago

Excellent article re Mrs Fenech and the Tumas Fenech legacy.
Mrs Fenech had the cheek, to utter the word ‘Disgusted’, in Court, after one of the Caruana Galizia brothers finished giving his testimony.
Surely she was not referring to herself for giving birth to what had to become a heinous accused murderer.
Recently we also got to know from the reported whatsapp data, that when he was absonding to the US, she reportedly said that she would be accompanying him and helping him to become rich again.
As regards the rags to riches journey of Tumas, I too highly question what formula he had as a policeman, however I recall that he too loved horse racing in France, and it was rumoured that he actually died riding a horse.

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