Croatian behind White Flag scheme wants The Shift to pay him €300,000

Croatian Kristijan Curavić, the man behind the idea of the White Flag scheme, has demanded that The Shift deposit €300,000 into a bank account within 15 days for damages he claims to have suffered as a result of articles exposing the scam.

The letter was sent by a legal firm in Zagreb, Croatia, providing the bank account details into which the money should be deposited within the stipulated time frame.

The €300,000 in no way compensated Curavić for his losses, according to the letter, but they were prepared to forgo further damages if the sum proposed served as a settlement – to a dispute that has never been presented in court.

Curavić also wants a public apology in the form of an article on The Shift as well as the correction of “all false allegations”.

“We would like to emphasise the fact that taking any legal actions of our client (sic) to protect his rights, including the conduct of litigation, would cause unnecessary costs and inconvenience to you, which in our opinion should undoubtedly be avoided,” the letter read.

The Shift replied saying documentary evidence was available to support reports and refuted all claims made in the letter. The Shift also made it clear that it would publish the correspondence received because it was in the public interest to know how Curavić was behaving after his adventure in Malta.

The letter from Curavic’s lawyer, Lucija Tenšek, ended on a bad note: “We hope that this letter is sufficient warning to you.”

Well, no. We’ve dealt with their kind before, and we intend to treat them in exactly the same way – by defending our reports to the hilt.

 The letter received is being published in full:


Read The Shift’s investigation into the White Flag scheme.

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