All in the family: Chris Fearne’s mother reappointed on government board 

Carmen Fearne, mother of deputy prime minister Chris Fearne has been reappointed as chairperson of the Children and Young Persons Advisory Board by the aptly named family ministry.

Fearne had been first appointed to the board in 2013 on the board which in 2015 was subject to an independent inquiry after Nationalist MP Robert Cutajar alleged in Parliament that it failed to heed social workers’ reports and decisions were taken against children’s interests.

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat had appointed an inquiry headed by Judge Michael Mallia which concluded that the Board should never risk children’s future or feel torn between their and the parents’ interests.

Fearne, a former councillor in Marsaskala, is not the only board member with family ties to Labour Party figures. Antoinette Vassallo, wife of former Labour MP Adrian Vassallo has been appointed as vice-chairperson on the board which advises the family minister on care orders and children’s welfare.

Other Board members include Louis Claus, cousin of the head of government customer care at the Office of the Prime Minister, Sandro Craus.

The other board members are Nadette Azzopardi, Romina Baldwin, Carmen Cannataci, Jane Chircop, Barbara O’Brien, Doriette Scicluna, Joseph Tanti and Monya Vassallo.

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