Playing into the hands of the underworld
Rosianne Cutajar, Ms Dimplechin, aka Nuxellina, she of Catania
Online violence: the new frontline
Online violence has become the new frontline in journalism
Female journalists honoured on Women’s Day
International female journalists were honoured on Women’s Day, including
Killed for chasing the truth
A social media effort is afoot, spontaneous or orchestrated,
Under attack: Debate to focus on challenges faced by women journalists
A webinar to be held on Thursday hosted by
‘No EU funds for government-controlled media or political propaganda’ – MEPs
Media freedom in Europe has declined MEPs deplore harassment
Time to call this out
I am certain that every family in Malta has
Angry? Get in line please
It was just over a month ago that Tim
‘Our island is just one theatre in a much larger conflict’
“It took a murder to make me realise that
New domestic violence commissioner walks into complex realities
The newly-appointed Commissioner for Gender-Based and Domestic Violence, Audrey
Women who changed Malta
Journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, assassinated in a car bomb
Government inaction fuelling human trafficking and modern slavery in Malta
Fake massage parlours operating as thinly-veiled brothels are spreading
Women on the way out
Two of our very few, experienced women politicians are
Malta faces infringement proceedings on protection of women and children
The Maltese government is facing infringement proceedings for its
Housewives, witches and prostitutes in parliament
Malta’s six members of the European Parliament are perfectly
Looking through the glass bell jar
Nanna’s house was like Victory Kitchen. Huge pots and
Can you locate Rwanda on a map? It’s one of those countries trouncing Malta on women in parliament
Well designed gender quotas lead to significantly more women
Pimping out the country
Prostitution is alive and well in Malta. I am
New parents in Malta set to benefit most from work life balance measures
Malta is one of the Member States that will
A toxic debate on abuse
Over the last couple of weeks, I have watched
Female journalists, politicians get abusive tweets every 30 seconds
Female journalists and politicians were sent abusive or otherwise
Let’s call hypocrisy by its name
If one child starts bullying another child in a
All’s well in the land of happy endings
Further investigations by The Shift into massage parlours operating
REVEALED: People charged with human trafficking and prostitution openly operating brothels
Individuals charged with human trafficking and forced prostitution are
What women are still up against
Former GWU chief Tony Zarb’s comments were just the

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