Opinion: Life among frauds
The annual August stay in Malta usually helps reset
Life after Labour – Kevin Cassar
“Grech obtains the worst results,” was Labour TV ONE’s
Cutting parliament short  – Jacques René Zammit
I happened to come across a random OneTV clip
Refalo thinks it’s funny
A long lost Picasso, Femme Couche VI, was hanging
Scrutiny and standards go hand in hand
Criticism is for has-beens, accountability is for fools, and
The rules of the game
There was nothing illegal about it. At least not
Trumpeted reform of court expert appointment process stalled since 2013
Almost a decade after government announced it would undertake
Institutionalised hypocrisy
For the past four weeks, we’ve had to sit
ONE TV news editor Edward Montebello moonlights as public tourism agency head
Edward Montebello, news editor of Labour’s TV station, has
Home to roost – Blanche Gatt
The day after tomorrow, according to all the major
Politics, for what it’s worth
Your average cynic believes that the world is made
Wrecking the PN’s chances
If the PN continues to ignore Bernard Grech’s weak
Absolution by the masses
I find myself regularly returning to the subject of
Portelli and the politicians
Joseph Portelli, the Gozitan building contractor who appeared out
Heading straight for the brick wall
That famous ‘40,000’. According to The Times’ survey published
Peregin’s PN pitch: lesser evil revisited
The Nationalist Party’s latest election strategist has begun to
Horror on a loop
As the islands face yet another monumental crisis, Maltese
The sixteenth of every month
Wednesday marked 44 months since Daphne Caruana Galizia was
Security and garden dwarfs
As the economy re-opens, and a general election looms
That sense of resignation
The temperature climbed to 27 degrees this Sunday in
The Costanza defence
Anglu Farrugia: serial verbicidal maniac or humanity’s last hope
Keep your enemies close
With a government in office threatening to outdo the
Political responsibility is the new serenity
‘Political responsibility’ is the latest buzzword to capture the
We are not OK
It is enough to drive you insane. That feeling
Malta’s gullible rabble
“Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make
Unity: the new opiate of the people
The news that President George Vella has announced a
Killed for chasing the truth
A social media effort is afoot, spontaneous or orchestrated,
The politics of anger 
Maybe Aristotle was the first philosopher to say that,
Si yo fuera Maradona (If I were Maradona)
I learnt this week of an interview given by
Standard deviation
There was a time I would speak of a

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