A toxic mix of planning and politics
The most unexpected aspect of the controversial permit for
‘Things must change’ – MEP David Casa given anti-money laundering role
“We cannot expect honest businesses to adhere to stringent
The shield and the bulldozer
In the blazing summer sun, anger at the building
Trees are not a perception
The Prime Minister takes perceptions seriously and has lodged
If Adrian Delia is the answer, what is the question?
Adrian Delia obtained 67% of the confidence vote held
Backing up or backing off
A move was finally made yesterday within the PN,
Changes at the top
Adrian Delia is quite right to say that the
Yes, of course Adrian Delia must go
Before the European Parliament elections, Joseph Muscat said: ‘after
Against all odds
Posters, affixed to the closed doors of Nationalist Party
Defenders, deniers, traitors, avoiders: MEP candidates on press freedom
MEP candidates agree that press freedom and the rule
Down the Gozo rabbit hole
It is impossible to support a road tunnel from
The €1 deal on Malta’s public hospitals to get its day in court
“Delaying tactics” by the government have been rejected by
Throwing your vote away
The European parliamentary elections are fast approaching. Compared to
PN opts for rule of law over member of its own political family
During the political assembly of the European People’s Party
European civil liberties NGOs brand Labour Party ‘anti-EU’ ahead of elections
A Europe-wide campaign being waged by human rights organisations prior
Disinformation Watch #31: On calls for votes for those who ‘love the country’
For anyone “to come here and give the impression
Government refuses to publish secret deal to transfer prime public land
The government should immediately publish the secret Memorandum of
Passport-selling patriots
May’s MEP elections are expected to pit liberal democratic
The great Maltese dream
“Socialism never took root in America because the poor
The other party crisis
The meaning of every crisis borrows from others looming
Back to the Labour’s future
In Malta, it’s never actually about the policies or
Democracy is dead, long live democracy
Word has it that when the Venice Commission report
Disinformation Watch #25: Going for broke – 17 Black
Reacting to news revealing the mysterious owner of Dubai
Bedingfield puts his foot in it again
Labour MP Glenn Bedingfield, who is also a member
Opposition files judicial protest to release Egrant inquiry
Opposition Leader Adrian Delia filed a judicial protest against
In real terms: political parties in a trap
Finch trapping in Malta has been outlawed by the
Clap Trap: Malta’s defence of finch trapping
‘Absurd and nonsensical talk or ideas’ – the definition
Aquarius crisis reignites cross-party racism
Last week’s diplomatic row between Italian interior minister Matteo
Disinformation Watch #4: ‘traitors’ and ‘enemies of the state’
In a disinformation strategy as old as populism itself,
Without media literacy, politicians could dictate veracity
Free access to information is considered to be the

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