Rift between PM and Commissioner over Joseph Muscat perks
Prime Minister Robert Abela accused Standards Commissioner Joe Azzopardi
PN opposition counters Rosianne Cutajar’s questions on government jobs
Opposition Nationalist Party MPs have retaliated to a flurry
ADPD deputy chair calls for legal challenge over latest privileged pensions
The former chairman of the political party ADPD, Carmel
Permanent secretaries, cabinet secretary given special pension by stealth
Tista taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti. Permanent secretaries in the
PQs show some MPs making a killing from the State since quitting politics
A batch of parliamentary questions over the last month
What assets is Robert Abela hiding?
Prime minister Robert Abela has finally submitted the declarations
Criminal lawyer MPs: can they avoid conflicting roles?
Online commenting expressing dismay or surprise at the decision
Taking us for fools
The past few days have succeeded in destroying what
Credentialled, curated, connected – Labour’s new MPs
Meet Omar Farrugia, 27, one of Labour’s crop of
‘Why is Caruana contesting powers she voted for?’
Independent political candidate Arnold Cassola, who was one of
King Anġlu and the Republican Constitution
The Caribbean nation of Barbados became the world’s newest
Voters held to ransom
As speculation about a possible November election intensifies, the
A parliament of larcenists
Maltese taxpayers are the victims of a merciless, unending
Heading straight for the brick wall
That famous ‘40,000’. According to The Times’ survey published
Cabinet members declare €4.5million in savings
Cabinet members have declared over  €4.5 million in financial
PM keeps tight lid on secretly-boosted golden handshakes to his cabinet
Prime Minister Robert Abela has refused to give taxpayers
Victim or villain?
The efficient labour media, and that includes PBS, have
President ‘departs from Constitution’, favours ‘stability’ and ‘continuity’ 
President George Vella announced his decision that Adrian Delia
MTA never commissioned the study it used to justify surge in sponsorships
The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) has once again been
A leaner, more efficient parliament
A leaner Parliament with fewer ministers and parliamentary secretaries
Will Malta’s parliamentarians begin to serve their role in a democracy?
It’s not clear whether the recent order instigated by
Labour MEP spins conspiracy theories to cloud facts in Malta
Labour MEP Josianne Cutajar has not been around for
The silent coup in Valletta
Loud street protests are all over the news. People
Your MPs have to do better than that
Government politicians and their hangers on have stuck a
Government confirms The Shift’s findings on Cabinet salaries increase
During a press briefing on Monday to which The
Numbing the minds of backbenchers
Just imagine if the Environment and Resources Authority Head
It’s confidential: Ministers deny having access to Egrant inquiry
Ministers Chris Cardona, Konrad Mizzi and Edward Scicluna have
Ditched MPs’ pension reform: a lost opportunity 
This week government withdrew outrageous amendments on MPs’ pensions
A pension for the gods and a pension for the animals
Economy Minister Chris Cardona this week presented amendments to

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