Infrastructure Malta in brief but big Lukaku, Inter Milan racist blunder
Infrastructure Malta has found itself in the middle of
Marsa Sports Complex the third project to miss small nations games deadline
An extension to the Marsa Sports Complex including eight
Court orders forced sale of government-leased Millennia Building in Marsa
Different government organisations, including branches of two ministries, might
73 police reports of violent brawls since 2020, St Julian’s the most problematic area
A total of 73 cases involving violent brawls either
Over 100 billboards on 50km stretch, at least €670,000 spent on digital advertising
The Labour Party campaign dominates political advertising on both
Please don’t go back to your country
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat announced last week that not
37-storey tower proposed in Marsa
A massive high rise development is being proposed in
Known Maltese criminals arrested in connection with Daphne Caruana Galizia assassination
Ten Maltese nationals have been arrested in a number

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