37-storey tower proposed in Marsa

A massive high rise development is being proposed in Marsa. This is the second high rise application to be presented after the locality was included as one of the zones where such development can be allowed in a policy approved in 2014

Angelo Xuereb has presented his application on behalf of Marine World Limited  in a plot of land in an industrial area along the busy 13 December Avenue.

Aerial view of area earmarked for a new high rise in Marsa.

Plans have been submitted for both a conventional 6-storey commercial development occupying most of the 13,735 square metre site and a 37-storey tower occupying a smaller footprint, thus allowing for open spaces around the tower which is bound to have a substantial visual impact being in vicinity of the Grand Harbour.

Xuereb is the declared sole owner of the land in question. The application is still at its initial stages and is currently being vetted by the Planning Authority before being issued for public consultation.

A 16-floor office tower is also being proposed to replace an older industrial building in Church Wharf closer to the Grand Harbour. The application was submitted by James Mallia on behalf of Church Wharf Properties Limited

On Friday the Church’s Environment Commission (KA) called for an updated vision and a master plan for Marsa and the inner area based on a sound public consultation process. KA said this should be drawn up to enable the area to reach its full potential in an environmentally, socially and economically sustainable manner in the best public interest.

The commission said it believed that development planning in Malta should strive to become an exercise in making the “common good” the primary public policy consideration, rather than placing it on the back-burner to accommodate special interests.


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