Government targets journalist dismissed by Times of Malta
Justice Minister Owen Bonnici has joined MPs and government
Brussels set to intervene on Malta after European Parliament’s resolution
The massive tally of votes garnered by the European
Uncomfortably dumb through Yuletide
We’ve put an ignominious Republic Day commemoration behind us,
Hate speech targets journalists following government statement
The government has denied that The Shift’s news founder
Reporters Without Borders reacts to government’s denial of access to journalist on Republic Day
Reporters Without Borders have reacted strongly to journalist Caroline
Blame the system, not just the crooks
With the spotlight on the rot surrounding Joseph Muscat,
The tip of the iceberg
Emotions are running very high. The gravity of the
Will the public mood bring down Labour?
The Prime Minister’s haggard demeanour on Friday at 3am,
Government confirms The Shift’s findings on Cabinet salaries increase
During a press briefing on Monday to which The
Trees are not a perception
The Prime Minister takes perceptions seriously and has lodged
The games MPs play to hide their assets
Key findings: Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries did not table
Land of contradictions
The United States has often been called the “land
A darkening horizon
Liberal critics of the current state of Maltese politics
Council of Europe calls for robust action against government corruption in Malta
The Council of Europe’s Group of States against Corruption
Malta’s ally: Report on censorship, control by China beyond its borders
China is going to great lengths to create a
Dangerous liaisons and the news
A new Reformation is underway in Europe and North
Russian banker threatens The Shift News with SLAPP lawsuit
Only hours after a conference at the University of
Army promotions: Who will shoulder political responsibility?
The Ombudsman’s report confirming allegations that a massive number
Shut up and be positive
Just when you thought you’d heard it all –
Corruption destroys unity
Malta’s significant drop in the Corruption Perceptions Index has
Love locks for your country, truth and justice
Activist group Kenniesa placed 40 poinsettias at the foot
Countries you’ve never heard of beat Malta’s ‘most feminist government’ – Global Gender Gap report
Malta’s ‘most feminist government,’ as Joseph Muscat has sold
What’s in your head, Zombie?
There’s a process in linguistics known as fossilisation, in
The environment is political too
The Planning Authority’s recent approval of the permit for
Malta for dummies #3: The cleansing of memory
At the risk of boring our long-suffering European dummy,
The Dictator’s Handbook #2: The three political dimensions
When we read or watch the news, it is
The gloves are off
Malta, 13 September 2018. A group of environmental protestors
Disinformation Watch #12: The government’s use of false statistics
The Maltese government’s official Twitter and Facebook accounts published
The political strategists’ endgame
The Government has a lot to be thankful for
62% think Maltese government not doing enough for environment
The percentage of Maltese who think that their government

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