The Shift to form part of Project Oasis
The Shift has been selected to be part of
Qatar in context
“The events of the past month have led to
Malta’s gender gap remains among worst in Europe – World Economic Forum
The disparity between men and women in Malta –
620 attacks on journalists during pandemic signals worsening global climate for the press
The COVID-19 pandemic proved to be a significant challenge
Predicting economic recovery by May is ‘pure conjecture’ – economist
Forecasting economic recovery by May in the current pandemic
A hierarchy of rights 
In many places across the world, we are witnessing
‘Let journalists work’: Strong statements on World Press Freedom Day
The need for transparent and uncensored information was the
Injections of disinfectant can cushion your brain
The supposed Leader of the Free World tried his
Letter to my future child
Dear child, God willing you will be breathing your
China lied and people died
China forgot to count and tell the world about
European organisation challenges Maltese government’s refusal of Freedom of Information request
An international organisation is contesting the basis on which
‘Our island is just one theatre in a much larger conflict’
“It took a murder to make me realise that
‘Our democracy will be lost if we are indifferent’ – Věra Jourová
The lack of transparency in political advertising and the
Ask what you can do for your country
A lot of us have spent over three years
Freedom stuck in the middle seat
If I had to compare the fate of liberty
Can you hear it?
Guest commentary by Tom Welch “Can you hear it?
‘Smear campaigns against journalists on the rise in Europe’
Smear campaigns against journalists coordinated by politicians are on
250 arrests for help to migrants – report
Over the last five years, at least 250 people
‘Visions for the Future’ project selects 28 women, one from each EU country
The Shift News’ founder Caroline Muscat is one of
‘It’s time to start an independent public inquiry’ – CoE Special Rapporteur
The Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights within
Circus without nets
A unfortunate misunderstanding is haunting Europe. It just doesn’t
Return of the Middle Ages
They are the best of times, they are the
The rise of the brazen lie
At some point over the last three years, a
Pravda in the Med
“The Party is always right.” At least, that’s what
International press freedom organisations demand ‘justice for Ján’
Leading international press freedom organisations representing thousands of journalists
‘Democracy is in retreat’ – Freedom House report
Democracy is declining across the world in a pattern
Migration ‘crisis’ could reshape Europe
The latest shameful episode of Europe’s migration crisis is
Look him in the eye
Ever stumble across a dead body? It happened to
Eight European countries agree to take the 49 migrants at sea
The 49 migrants who have been stranded at sea
MEPs urged to use their influence to help the 49 stranded at sea
PN Head of Delegation David Casa has called on

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