The price of Labour’s myths
The Bank of England has just announced that Britain
National debt breaking records as deficit set to grow further next year
As the government continues to pump hundreds of thousands
The honeymoon is over
The honeymoon is over and the piper wants to
Election month cost taxpayers dearly
The government spent €191 million more in March than
The grey list is getting greyer
Malta is a world leader in setting standards for
Back in business
They’re back in business. It took only a few
Malta registers highest deficit in EU – austerity expected next year 
Malta is expected to be one of the first
The great stagnation
A great stagnation is upon us, and it isn’t
Government to borrow another €1.2 billion as forecasts go haywire
The government is planning to borrow at least €1.2
Crisis looming as government’s electricity tariffs lock coming to an end
Energy Minister Miriam Dalli is refusing to say whether
Malta’s worst recession in decades
With his trademark smirk and mocking insolence, Joseph Muscat
Public finances floundering in danger zone as debt soars €2.2 billion in 18 months
Malta’s public debt ballooned by as much as €2.1
Swallowing red herrings
Crazy just keeps getting crazier on this insane island.
The rich pay cheap, the poor pay dear
It was Aristotle who observed that the rich pay

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