Once, we had a country
Once, we had a country – until Joseph Muscat
Gafa’s gaffes
Police Commissioner Angelo Gafa finally called a press conference.
Expanded list of Maltese PEPs extends scrutiny to much larger pool of connections
The conduct of the personal financial affairs of many
As the penny drops
Those of us watching in disbelief as Labour supporters
A squared circle of criminals
How do you break a circle of criminality, especially
Unorganized lightning
Amid the myriad shock revelations of a government mired
Of core principles and values
Ramona Attard, Labour Party president, regaled us with more
Muscat’s stooge
Where is disgraced former police chief Lawrence Cutajar? This
How Labour protects and promotes criminals
“The Labour Party does not protect criminals,” Labour President
Malta’s gullible rabble
“Truly, whoever can make you believe absurdities can make
Race against time to please Moneyval
Weeks before a crucial and possible devastating decision which
Police officer by day, lawyer by night
High ranking officers in the police force who also
Konrad Mizzi appointed canvasser to top MTA post despite criminal record
The man former Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi chose to
Crime in the time of COVID-19
Criminals have quickly seized the opportunities to exploit the
How Malta became a den of thieves
The revelations emerging from the public inquiry into Daphne
Are Maltese Courts enabling Gordon Debono to launder dirty money?
A Maltese Judge has sanctioned the release of €1.5
‘Things must change’ – MEP David Casa given anti-money laundering role
“We cannot expect honest businesses to adhere to stringent
Grand Theft Europe #2: Fraud by companies in Malta exposed
Probe reveals lax law enforcement in Malta where registered
Malta government only paying ‘lip service’ to its human rights obligations, UN hears
Leading international press freedom and human rights organisations raised
‘Strong support’ at European Parliament for phasing out cash-for-passport schemes
EU lawmakers have strongly recommended the phasing out of
Judge Grixti’s Catch-22
Konrad Mizzi, the government and anybody with an interest
Report maps presence of Italian mafia in foreign countries, Malta tops list
Malta is the country with the highest number of
Report details how journalists are the target of criminal organisations
More than 30 journalists have been killed worldwide by
‘Steer clear of Malta’ investors told at international conference on financial crime
Strong collaboration between countries was closing the net on
The call for justice will not be silenced
I was discussing the situation in Malta with a
Money Laundering: Who cares?
Money laundering is one of the key ‘engines of
Crime surpasses immigration as main concern in Malta
For the first time a public opinion poll assessing