The truth, one story at a time: The Shift launches crowdfunding campaign

We stand at a pivotal moment. Our investigations into the fraudulent Vitals Hospitals concession deal led to a magisterial inquiry and the arraignment of several individuals who once believed themselves untouchable.

This achievement is not ours alone; it’s also yours. Without your support, none of our investigations would have been possible.

But our journey is far from over, so we are launching our latest crowdfunding campaign to continue our crucial investigative work.

The Shift reported on the government’s deals with Vitals Global Healthcare and Steward Healthcare since its inception, and we’ve been at the forefront of the revelations ever since.

Not only did the magisterial inquiry note how The Shift’s investigations were the basis of many of the inquiry’s leads, but some of the people implicated also immediately sought to undermine and discredit The Shift. Still, with the backing of our readers, we persisted.

Here are the investigative milestones achieved with the help of reader donations, all of which were confirmed in the Vitals magisterial inquiry:

In 2018, The Shift revealed the owners of the offshore companies in Jersey involved in the purchase of Technoline. The inquiry confirms they used €5 million of taxpayer money to fund the takeover of Technoline, and we revealed that Technoline was not the only supplier to hospitals bought with taxpayers’ money.

In 2019, we disclosed the contents of the hospitals’ agreement for the first time in a series of stories, explaining what the deal says and the amounts paid to those the government was hellbent on protecting.

We exposed how a company in Dubai received €1.4 million as part of Vitals Global Healthcare (VGH) transfer.

In 2021, with the support of reader donations, we sifted through over 500 pages of previously hidden documents that Steward filed in open court to substantiate its claim that the Vitals concession itself resulted from fraud and corruption.

In 2023, we reported about disgraced former prime minister Joseph Muscat’s consultancy contract with a Swiss company suspected of funnelling public funds as kickbacks.

Your contribution is more than just a donation; it is a statement that you believe in the power of facts, the significance of truth and the importance of holding those in power to account.

Every contribution to The Shift’s investigations catalyses a shift, no matter how small and, together, we believe we’ll get there, one story at a time.

Please click here to donate. Thank you.


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