Malta Today allegations against MEP David Casa ‘untrue and impossible’ – auditors

Pro Corporate Services Ltd, certified public accountants acting as paying agents for PN MEP David Casa, have issued a statement to counter allegations published by Malta Today saying “they are not only untrue, but they are also impossible”.

The company said it has acted as paying agent for the MEP since July 2009, confirming that his employees have always received the funds they are due in full and according to their employment contract.

“To the best of our knowledge, allegations of inflation of wages and secret funds are complete fabrication,” the company said in response to yet another set of accusations against the Nationalist Party’s head of delegation published by Saviour Balzan.

“We would like to point out that all funds received by Pro Corporate Services Ltd as paying agent of MEP David Casa, from the European Union, as per the employees’ contracts, are reconciled every year by the European Parliament’s Directorate-General for Finance. Funds can never be retained by paying agents,” the company said.

In a previous story, also by Balzan in Malta Today, which he claimed was based on the testimony of a former employee of the MEP who recounted nights at hotels with drugs, even saying that “his drug habits were well known to his entourage and most of his close aides and friends”. The story was also immediately disputed in a public statement signed by all members of the MEP’s staff that said they had never witnessed anything of the sort.

The staff also said that in the past months they have witnessed “a systematic vicious attack” targeting Casa and his office, “but these new allegations are a new low and have gone too far. We are disgusted by the incessant efforts to tarnish Mr Casa’s reputation and prevent him from continuing his work”.

In another story in August, also by Balzan in Malta Today, Casa was accused of abusing EU funds “now proven to have been a complete fabrication,” Casa said.


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