Beppe Fenech Adami: Government wants Caruana Galizia murder ‘buried’

Opposition MP Beppe Fenech Adami has accused government of attempting to project a false impression that the Daphne Caruana Galizia murder has been solved with the arraignment of three known criminals accused of placing and detonating the car bomb that killed the journalist.

Addressing Parliament on Tuesday, the MP accused government of “cover-ups”. Answering follow up questions from The Shift News, Fenech Adami said: “It is very evident that government and its cronies want to project a false impression that the Caruana Galizia murder has been solved with the arraignment of three persons who allegedly executed the murder.

“The truth is that the mastermind behind the murder, he who commissioned such murder, is still out at large.”

Underlining various “outrageous statements and actions by people close to Castille” in recent days, Fenech Adami said government was trying to downplay the murder.

He said calls for the removal of the murdered journalist’s memorial in Valletta and appeals to ‘get on with life’ confirm the government’s agenda.

“In the meantime, the police force is still headed by an incompetent commissioner, and the husband of a government minister remains the prime investigator in the Caruana Galzia case. At the same time, there is total silence: no press conferences, no updates, hoping that the story will die. They hope people will forget. They hope that no further question will be asked. They hope the story will be covered up, shelved and buried,” he said.

“They will not succeed,” Fenech Adami added.

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