250 people pushed back to Libya after Malta claims it’s ‘on it’ – NGOs
Two hundred and fifty people in distress on a
NGOs accuse Malta of ‘coordinating criminal mass pushback’ of 500 migrants
A group of four humanitarian NGOs dealing with the
Humanitarian NGOs slam Malta over migrant push back to Egypt
Twenty-three people were sent to Egypt on the instructions
Commission cannot comment on Malta’s decision to close ports
The European Commission has stated it cannot comment on
‘Someone who saves lives is not a criminal’
A number of online petitions have been launched to
250 arrests for help to migrants – report
Over the last five years, at least 250 people
Politicians ‘attacking’ NGOs must be held accountable – Sakharov Prize finalists
NGOs operating migrant rescue vessels in the Mediterranean told
Still stranded at sea after 7 days despite European cities opening their ports
“In Libya, militias forced me to work 12 hours
Tackling the migration challenge in the central Mediterranean
This is a guest post by Martin Cauchi Inglott
Eight European countries agree to take the 49 migrants at sea
The 49 migrants who have been stranded at sea
MEPs urged to use their influence to help the 49 stranded at sea
PN Head of Delegation David Casa has called on
Two weeks stranded at sea: ‘The number one priority should be to save lives’
The Malta Social Workers Association has called on “all
18 human rights NGOs’ appeal for men, women and children stranded at sea
The refusal by Malta and other European countries to
Six days stranded at sea
Five countries have denied the rescue ship MV Sea-Watch
Unlawful detention of NGO rescue vessel ends
The Sea-Watch 3 was finally allowed to leave Malta
Aquarius degregistered by Panama Maritime Authority
The Panama Maritime Authority has revoked the registration of
Sea Watch takes legal action against Maltese government
Rescue NGO Sea-Watch will be taking legal action against
Lifeline acquires new vessel to rescue people at sea
Mission Lifeline, whose rescue ship was impounded by the
Aquarius returns to sea to save lives 
Some six weeks after being denied access to Italian

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