Six days stranded at sea

sea watch december 2018
Photo: Sea Watch

Five countries have denied the rescue ship MV Sea-Watch 3, its crew of 22, and their 32 rescued guests any help in finding a port of safety over the Christmas holiday, and they remain stranded at sea as the New Year approaches.

The NGO operating the rescue vessel described this as “yet another political limbo, proving the EU’s blatant reluctance to make even the smallest humanitarian concession to its deadly anti-migration policy”.

On Saturday, the crew of the MV Sea-Watch saved 32 people from drowning, including including four women, three unaccompanied minors, two young children and a baby.

Five countries (Italy, Malta, Spain, Netherlands, Germany) refused to take responsibility and grant the rescued a port of safety for Christmas.

“We’ve been denied a port of safety for six days now. We are well equipped but the winter in the Mediterranean, with its treacherous weather, is taking its toll on the already weakened people. Europe must take responsibility now, and Germany should set a good example,” said Phillip Hahn, Head of Mission on MV Sea-Watch 3.

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