Reporters Without Borders files lawsuit accusing Facebook of ‘deceptive commercial practices’
Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has taken legal action against
Council of Europe says Malta fails basic human rights obligations for minorities
The Maltese government has failed to collect any data
Am I next?
The language of violence has increased at an alarming
‘Women journalists in Malta have to go against partisan politics, misogyny and societal boundaries’
Verbal abuse against women journalists has become legitimised through
‘No EU funds for government-controlled media or political propaganda’ – MEPs
Media freedom in Europe has declined MEPs deplore harassment
Damaging trust, causing harm
On 1 September the Commissioner for Standards in Public
Hate Speech Unit receives 32 reports in seven months
The Hate Crime and Speech Unit, which was set
Chamber of Advocates slams Labour media for ‘attack’ directed at lawyer
The Chamber of Advocates has called out Labour Party
What are they so desperate to hide?
Someone sure doesn’t want Joseph Muscat’s resignation letter to
Wash, rinse, repeat
When The Shift started monitoring government disinformation tactics in
Angry? Get in line please
It was just over a month ago that Tim
Public outrage at Mario Philip Azzopardi after vilification of MEP
Updated with Minister for Culture and Arts Jose Herrera’s
No bridge over troubled waters
Robert Abela’s rise to power was quite an easy
Repubblika members receiving ‘unprecedented levels’ of online hate following PM speech
Civil society group Repubblika said its members have received
Another paper tiger
This government has a strong record of creating paper
A stillborn inquiry
This week British members of parliament railed against their
United Nations declares war on hate speech
The United Nations has launched a Strategy and Plan
Report addresses ‘worrying’ trends of online mobs peddling hate
Malta has a problem with “xenophobic, homophobic and political
UK Parliament hears of ‘inadequacy of investigations’ into Daphne Caruana Galizia’s murder
Barrister Caoilfhionn Gallagher has called on the British government
Remembering the living
The sun stung our necks last Saturday as we
The march of the dark brigade
How can journalists fight back against threats and violence?
Disinformation Watch #31: On calls for votes for those who ‘love the country’
For anyone “to come here and give the impression
Son of murdered journalist warns World Economic Forum about harassment
The lack of action on the harassment faced by
PN files motion to strip Tony Zarb of national award
Opposition Leader Adrian Delia filed a parliamentary motion to
Politicians need to shoulder responsibility for their words – Jourová
EU Justice Commissioner Vera Jourová appealed to politicians to
‘Who is really betraying Malta?’
Carlo Bonini, the investigative journalist behind the documentary on
It’s a right, not a provocation
The government’s actions to suppress freedom of expression and
Concern that online hate speech could lead to more violence in Malta
Malta ranking first for online hate speech in Europe
It’s not freedom when you have no choice
Public land does not stop being public just because