A victory for anti-SLAPP measures
A US court upheld an anti-Slapp motion filed by
The art of faking news
A study by the Stanford Graduate School of Education
Gaslighting – questioning reality
Imagine being told that what you see and hear
Why Brexit won’t happen
This article is later than planned because I am
Nationalism is the new black
Nationalism is on the rise and it does not
Your guide to dismantling a democracy
It is becoming increasingly evident for those of us
Disinformation Watch #4: ‘traitors’ and ‘enemies of the state’
In a disinformation strategy as old as populism itself,
Methodology of undermining the Fourth Estate 
As long as the Fourth Estate is seen as
Was Cambridge Analytica’s psychological warfare used in Malta?
This week Cambridge Analytica, as well as its parent
Mystery Maltese professor investigated by FBI still missing
More details have emerged about Joseph Mifsud, the enigmatic
Trump’s folly kills Palestinian dream of freedom
Donald Trump’s madness in declaring Jerusalem as the capital
Maltese professor exposed in Trump-Russia scandal goes AWOL
Joseph Mifsud, the enigmatic Maltese academic at the centre

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