Our rights are at stake
The main difficulty with Bill 198 of 2021, a
Dodger’s gone, Dodge City remains
Babylon had Hammurabi. Judaism had Moses. Classical Athens had
Calling political party station case a ‘PR stunt’ misunderstands positive impact for democracy
To dismiss online news portal Lovin Malta’s court case
No time for a weak constitution
Parliament. They’re are at it again. The two Parties
‘Let’s not reduce our sovereignty for money’ – Tonio Borg
Former Foreign Minister Tonio Borg believes the government should
A Constitution for the Parties
I write this article 1000 days since a particularly
A call for wider, deeper reforms in Venice Commission’s guarded opinion
In an 18-page report filled with caveats, subtleties and
Seize the moment
Sunday afternoon turned out to be quite surreal. As
A living Constitution, a petrified President
I am still bewildered by the President’s inaction, by
Blame the system, not just the crooks
With the spotlight on the rot surrounding Joseph Muscat,
‘What worked in the past may no longer be valid today’
The Court of Appeal has rejected the appeal by
Constitutional reform: The case for a process led by citizens
Guest commentary by Marion Pace Asciak, President NGO Repubblika
‘The government is deliberately acting in bad faith’ – law professor
Law professor Kevin Aquilina agrees with the Council of
Corruption destroys unity
Malta’s significant drop in the Corruption Perceptions Index has
Democracy is dead, long live democracy
Word has it that when the Venice Commission report
Venice Commission report shows ‘Malta is not a functioning democracy’
No country that calls itself a democracy can live
Speaker’s ruling ‘unilateral censorship of free press’ – Repubblika
Civil society organisation Repubblika expressed it solidarity with The
Council of Europe rapporteur calls out government officials avoiding him
Government officials have still not confirmed meetings with the
Malta for dummies #3: The cleansing of memory
At the risk of boring our long-suffering European dummy,
If it’s broken don’t fix it 
The Attorney General Peter Grech on Wednesday accused the
Back to Basics: What is the ‘rule of law’?
Perhaps the easiest way to explain the Rule of
Proposal to enshrine environmental protection in Constitution ‘sounds great, means nothing’
The government’s proposal to enshrine environmental protection in the
The Constitutional Carnival
“A constitution should be short and obscure” – Napoleon Bonaparte
The perils of Constitutional reform
Constitutional reform has been on the political agenda for
Hands off the Constitution!
Based on how our environmental and planning laws were