The Disgraced Offices of Joseph Muscat
Europe Day came and went with a quiet whimper
A hierarchy of rights 
In many places across the world, we are witnessing
Injections of disinfectant can cushion your brain
The supposed Leader of the Free World tried his
Letter to my future child
Dear child, God willing you will be breathing your
Getting it together
Slow, deep breaths. They’re a remedy for those moments
Government sanctioned disobedience
As parallels continue to be made with wartime years,
Confinement and the common good
A philosopher once said that if you are lonely
Life before and after ‘the war’
It takes a very short moment of reflection to
The meaning of life (rediscovering humanity)
“But what does it mean, the plague? It’s life,
A collapsing microstate
Watching Malta’s foreign minister squirm uncomfortably in reaction to
Fear and looting in the time of COVID-19
A clever man once wrote that wisdom comes to
A time for masks
‘Everything being a constant carnival, there is no carnival
Blow the whistle, follow the money
The news that Manchester City will not be playing
Celebrating a shipwreck?
Crowds will throng the streets of Valletta today to
The elephant in the room is only getting bigger
The people’s virus The weekend began with the virtual
If this is governance…
This has been the week in which the Prime
Resignation is not absolution
Robert Abela’s era is being heralded as a glorious
If this is normal
Sunday morning broke with the news that Robert Abela
The Unbearable Ugliness of Being Joseph
Kemm hu ikrah li tkun intom. (How ugly it
Vox Populi, Vox Dei
This must have been the longest December in the
There is no darkness but ignorance
Winter has come. It was announced with the shortest
Uncomfortably dumb through Yuletide
We’ve put an ignominious Republic Day commemoration behind us,
Seize the moment
Sunday afternoon turned out to be quite surreal. As
Labour’s labour currency
Melvin Theuma’s letter of insurance that appeared in The
In the name of the people… Go!
In one of Malta’s darkest weeks, as Europe (and
Whispering a revolution
In May 2017 I co-founded a group called the
‘First, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers’
‘First, Let’s Kill All the Lawyers’. Let that thought
The Attorney General’s unappealing intention
In this long read, Jacques René Zammit looks at
Judge Grixti’s Catch-22
Konrad Mizzi, the government and anybody with an interest
Ignorance or deception? Minister Ian Borg got it wrong
The dangers of the statement made yesterday by Malta’s

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