The Revised (Abridged) Constitution of the Republic
I managed to get my hands on a copy
The rallying cry from the Burmarrad washroom does not
The Exploit Nation
The plush beaches, the emerald waters, the luscious untarnished
The ‘idiots’
“Every ten years or so, some idiot brings up
Light years
The images acquired by NASA’s new James Webb Space
Rigged – Jacques René Zammit
It is the nature of lotteries that they are
Law’s many asses
Those familiar with the proverbial expression “the law is
Extreme function
Those extremists at Moviment Graffitti were at it again.
Cutting parliament short  – Jacques René Zammit
I happened to come across a random OneTV clip
The flipside of freedom
What then is freedom if not the power to
Compliance in their words
GRECO (the Group of States against Corruption), the Council
Are we what we are?
The Eurovision is a welcome appointment of distracting entertainment
War and conflict: lessons in democracy
Anġlu Farrugia cut a sorry figure in parliament on
The rules of the game
There was nothing illegal about it. At least not
Back in business
They’re back in business. It took only a few
Perverted representation
In 1716, the UK Parliament voted to extend its
Those complicit competent authorities – Jacques René Zammit
Belief. It’s an act of faith. It requires trust
The many elephants in the election room
On the eve of election day, I was out
Foregone conclusions – Jacques René Zammit
This article is an analysis of a future electoral
The anachronistic island
On 5 March, Prime Minister Abela crossed by boat
Elections in times of war: who will love our children?
In a video doing the rounds of the net,
‘Unity in Adversity’ and the Pariah Island
It has been described as a bloodied silver lining
Elections in Wonderland
We seem to have slipped through the looking glass
The public, the private and the bloody rest
Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder’s close friendship with President
A weaponless revolution
Former Italian PM Matteo Renzi was in the news
Politics, for what it’s worth
Your average cynic believes that the world is made
The devil’s tricks
The storm of scandals that has hit the Labour
The people’s president has left us
The tag line on David Sassoli’s Twitter account read,
Farewell to welfare
The welfare state sees the government as the guarantor
Other people
The world hit a record daily Covid cases on

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