Refalo thinks it’s funny
A long lost Picasso, Femme Couche VI, was hanging
Only allegations, just speculation
Ian Borg misled parliament.  On 8 November,  Borg told
Il-perċimes tal-propaganda – Kevin Cassar
Read this article in English here. Ġurnalist tal-Malta Today
Propagandist in chief
Tista’ taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti hawn. A video of
The massacre
In the south of Malta, a few hours after
Anglu Farrugia’s reward
“Speaker Anglu Farrugia carried out important work in the
Why PN lost
Now we know. Labour’s Desmond Zammit Marmara has all
Extraordinary recklessness – Kevin Cassar
Within hours of being sworn in, Robert Abela’s populism
In greed he trusts
It wasn’t my business to see where he got
Lanqas id-disprezz ma ħaqqu
Read this article in English here. Kemm ġew jiswew
Beneath contempt – Kevin Cassar
Tista’ taqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti hawn. What was the
Crooks in office
An investigator who exposed State corruption was arrested. He
Il-kuntratt tat-tnessija – Kevin Cassar
Read the article in English here. “Ejja ma nħarbtux
The pact of oblivion
Tista’ taqrah bil-Malti. “Let’s not disturb graves and hurl
Caught in the act
Tista’ taqra bil-Malti Robert Abela has been caught.  Days
A low, dishonest decade
“Uncertain and afraid of a low dishonest decade,” WH
The moral void – Kevin Cassar
A spokesperson for the Superintendence of Cultural Heritage confirmed
The iniquity of ingratiation
Anyone who wants to receive favour from the leader
Clues for the clueless
If only we had some clues about Joseph Muscat,
The destruction of memory
“Expect now that others, our friends in the opposition,
Self-serving parasitism
How can somebody with demonstrably questionable morals and a
Little presidents
“Jacob, since your own editor decided to enter into
Former prime minister denounces his successor
The former prime minister savaged the current one, despite
Steward’s Nadine shames Vitals’ Nadine
“VGH (Vitals) had not delivered, nor had the government
The oppression of silence
We have learnt nothing. We are still the same,
Eye-watering avarice
“There were even occasions when we worked on a
Ageing without grace
Joseph Muscat turned 48 last week. His 49th-year resolution
Deeds not words
Prime minister Abela bragged, “We are not afraid of
Cry havoc and unleash the dogs of war
“Celebrities who retreat from the public eye will always
The duty of candour
If you aren’t prosecuted and found guilty of serious

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