Mizzi compensated for being ditched so PM could appoint sister-in-law

Former Transport Minister Joe Mizzi, 72, one of the longest-serving Labour MPs in the Kottonera district, was named in response to a parliamentary question this week as having been given a government position after Prime Minister Robert Abela ditched him to appoint his sister-in-law.

The move was interpreted by Labour activists in Kottonera as a political manoeuvre to consolidate Abela’s position in the district he contests, eliminating direct competitors.

Instead, the prime minister promoted his sister-in-law, Alison Zerafa Civelli, to Cabinet as the parliamentary secretary for local councils.

Mizzi already receives a generous privileged state pension reserved for former ministers. In what appears to be compensation for being ousted, Mizzi was appointed chairman of the Kottonera Foundation – a government entity aimed at improving the standard of living in the traditional Labour stronghold.

Abela’s ousting of Mizzi was followed later by Chris Agius, known as il-Wefi and a popular MP in Bormla. Abela also removed him from office and gave him the chairmanship of Yachting Malta.

Former parliamentary secretary Chris Agius was also ousted by Prime Minister Robert Abela.

Although no details have been provided on Mizzi’s financial compensation, his new income tops the €40,000 plus he already receives in pension as a former minister.

Mizzi’s predecessor at the Foundation, now Cleansing Parliamentary Secretary Glenn Bedingfield, was paid some €50,000 in the same post.

The Foundation has never done much and is considered an irrelevant entity aimed mainly at currying favour with Labour Party constituents.

The latest news the Foundation’s website had to share dates back to 2021.


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saviour mamo
saviour mamo
8 days ago

Kollha mejtin bil-ġuħ.

J Spiteri
J Spiteri
7 days ago

Complete theft of the country’s coffers. That is what Labour’s road map always was.

Jay Ho
Jay Ho
7 days ago

Jobs for the boys as the merry-go-round keeps spinning

7 days ago

this person is the same liar from the muvument korrot who had stated that he was 100% sure that Malta would strike oil, stating also that he would resign if no oil is found in Maltese territorial waters. -hypocrite, liar and corrupt as the rest of his buddies.

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