Hospitals’ inquiry first casualty: Joseph Rapa removed from APS Bank board

Joseph Rapa, the former Health Ministry Permanent Secretary facing criminal charges over the hospitals’ deal, has been removed from the board of directors of the Church’s bank, APS.

In a company announcement, following questions by The Shift, APS Bank said: “The bank now wishes to inform that it is in receipt of a letter dated 8 May 2024 whereby the Diocese of Gozo, as a Qualifying Shareholder, has decided to temporarily withdraw the re-appointment of Mr Joseph Rapa as director.”

Rapa was appointed Permanent Secretary of the health ministry in March 2013 as soon as Labour was elected to govern. He maintained his position until 2022 when he asked not to be reappointed again.

He worked closely with disgraced former minister Konrad Mizzi and his successor, Minister Chris Fearne. Both are expected to face criminal charges.

During Rapa’s tenure, all deals with Vitals Global Healthcare and Steward Health Care needed his approval to proceed.

Following the as-yet unpublished magisterial inquiry, charges were issued for various crimes allegedly committed by Rapa, including fraud, misappropriation, and crimes related to his former role, which he was duty-bound to prevent.

It is not yet known whether the Gozo Curia, which also appointed Rapa to its financial committee, has removed him from office.

Rapa is not the only permanent secretary in hot water.

Alfred Camilleri, the former Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary, one of very few who survived the 2013 change of government, is also facing similar accusations.

The Shift is informed that following his retirement, Camilleri was headhunted by Archbishop Charles Scicluna to join the Curia’s financial committee.

Alfred Camilleri.

Camilleri was also appointed to the board of directors of various Corinthia Group companies, chaired by hotelier Alfred Pisani. Camilleri is also the chairman of the Malta Philarmonic Orchestra.

Questions on Camilleri’s position sent to the Curia, the Corinthia Group, and the government have not yet been answered.

Ronald Mizzi, the permanent secretary who is by far the most involved in all the deals conducted by Joseph Muscat, Konrad Mizzi, and Keith Schembri, is still in his seat despite the criminal charges he faces.

Currently, Mizzi serves as permanent secretary to the economy ministry led by Silvio Schembri.

During his time as Mizzi’s permanent secretary, Ronald Mizzi also invested in hotel accommodation and opened a boutique hotel in Żebbuġ, Gozo, together with his partner Fiona Brinkworth.


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12 days ago

A big well done to APS bank which has a lot more integrity than the BOV where currently they are all looking over their shoulders.
Once the “I’m innocent” phase passes many will start squealing, then none of them will be safe. THE TRUTH HURTS and there is a lot of pain heading their way

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