No money for Europride contractors as government blocks information on costs

Tens of contractors involved in organising the government’s Europride events last September have still not been paid despite promises by Equality Parliamentary Secretary Rebecca Buttigieg.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, several contractors involved in logistics, technical assistance, props, light installations, and others told The Shift that they are owed for the long hours of work carried out more than five months ago. While they said they have asked the Ministry of Home Affairs when their invoices will be settled, no dates have been given, and some were told there were currently no funds available.

The Shift asked Buttigieg why the contractors had not been paid and when the debt would be settled, but she did not reply.

The event, organised to boost the profile of Malta’s EU Commissioner Helena Dalli, has reportedly gone several hundred thousand euro over budget with the final bill expected to surpass €3 million.

The largest contract was awarded to Greaat Ltd – an events and TV production company owned by former Nationalist Party TV boss Anton Attard and his partner, former MZPN President Mark Grech, better known as Guru. Grech is also a business partner of Luke Dalli, the son of Commissioner Dalli.

Asked repeatedly, even in Parliament, to list the contractors involved in the Europride events, how they were procured, and the costs involved in organising the event, Buttigieg refused to reply.

A Freedom of Information request by The Shift, asking for the costs incurred per event organised, was also turned down by Buttigieg, citing that the information sought was excluded as it involved trade secrets.

The Shift has asked the Data Protection Commissioner to investigate the Home Ministry as it contends that its lack of transparency and accountability breaches the law.


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Out of Curiosity
Out of Curiosity
1 month ago

The Parliamentary Secretary will not reply because she has a lot to hide. I am convinced that a big slice of the budget on this event finished in the pockets of friends of friends without proper scrutiny and attention to what public procurement regulations indicate. This was surely a free for all spending spree, as it is in the habit of this filthy administration.

1 month ago

Hadom Johan Grech ghal festival li skond l-illuminat l-iehor jarah bhala Investment 🙂

Joe l ghasfur
Joe l ghasfur
1 month ago

Suppost demm gdid din Rebecca Buttigieg u diga qeda turi li bhal klikka kolla qeghda taghmel. M hemmx fejn idur ser ikolna nivutaw jew lil PN jew lil indipendenti forsi dal gvern korrot u halliel jihu tbezbieza

1 month ago

This is really a GovernGANG.

I personally think that Malta/the MALTESE deserve to be robbed from them, because they voted for them:

For every Pence they gave in the left pocket as an advantage, this GANG takes at least a pound out of the right pocket.

So sick. 🤢

S. Camilleri
S. Camilleri
1 month ago

“The event, organised to boost the profile of Malta’s EU Commissioner Helena Dalli”. So, why is she not paying for it? Privilege, omerta’, unaccountability without borders.

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