Italian investigative journalist receives death threat

Italian investigative journalist Marilù Mastrogiovanni has received hundreds of emails with death threats overnight.

The journalist, who works for Sicilian newspaper Il Tacco, was targeted earlier this month after her work inbox was spammed with emails – some saying “What the f*** are you doing?”. Some of the threats were sent from an email address that read “death approaches (la morte si avvicina)”.

Marilu Mastrogiovanni death threat emails

Similar emails were sent to the newspaper’s email account together with that of Mario Maffei, marketing manager and the publishing house’s legal representative.

Mastrogiovanni has been one of the many investigative journalists who, following the death of Daphne Caruana Galizia, have been pushing to continue her investigations and stories. She is also one of the main drivers behind the international voices calling for justice over Caruana Galizia’s assassination.

In a tweet, Mastrogiovanni said she was not going to remain silent even when faced with death threats.

Marilu Mastrogiovanni tweet

Il Tacco reported that the authorities are investigating this episode together with others that took place over the previous months with the latest happening only 15 days ago when bags of rubbish were tipped into Mastrogiovanni’s courtyard. Police protection for Mastrogiovanni and her family has been increased.

Journalists across Italy have supported Mastrogiovanni in solidarity, a rare event in Malta.

The Shift News stands in solidarity with Mastrogiovanni, as it does with all journalists who take risks to do their job in the public interest, as opposed to personal or political gain.


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