Predictive failure
“Hospital numbers confirm that COVID is under control” Robert
A systemic failure
As Covid cases continue to rise, we are in
Home for the elderly faces accusations of neglect as management tries to cope
The alarming number of COVID-19 infections inside Residenza San
Belgium declares Malta off-limits due to surge in COVID-19 cases
The Belgian National Crisis Centre announced today that Belgian
Troubling silence surrounding long term impact of COVID-19 on survivors
There is a deafening silence surrounding COVID-19. It may
‘Up to 10,000 people could be waiting for COVID-19 swab tests’
There could be 10,000 people still waiting to take
Government sanctioned disobedience
As parallels continue to be made with wartime years,
From China, with love…
There seems to be a direct correlation between freer
Trust the advice of health professionals
News cycles in the mainstream media have ground to
Confinement and the common good
A philosopher once said that if you are lonely
Coronavirus: common sense helps
Nature has thrown mankind a curveball, a virus that

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