Defamation reform: a cautionary but hopeful story
Guest commentary by Nik Williams. In Scotland, defamation law
Defenders, deniers, traitors, avoiders: MEP candidates on press freedom
MEP candidates agree that press freedom and the rule
Spotlight on threats against journalists in Malta in European report
“Burned in effigy. Insulted. Menaced. Spat at. Discredited by
Killing freedom, one pawn at a time
Mark Anthony Falzon insists that press freedom in Malta
How to prove the Press Freedom Index wrong
So, this year’s World Press Freedom Index reports that
‘Unite for truth’
Malta is facing a crisis of governance. There has
MEP elections: 10 proposals for press freedom
A European Commissioner responsible for media freedom, independence and
‘How criminals hide their stolen millions’ – investigation
Louise Shelley, an expert on money laundering and illicit
Dangerous liaisons and the news
A new Reformation is underway in Europe and North
‘Without media freedom there can be no democracy’
In the absence of government action, it is up
Return of the Middle Ages
They are the best of times, they are the
Russian banker threatens The Shift News with SLAPP lawsuit
Only hours after a conference at the University of
‘We were never more proud of her than on the day she was murdered’
His mother’s fight against corruption highlighted the need for
Lawsuits that cripple journalists: Malta a protagonist in debate on press freedom
Media freedom and the abuse of lawsuits to silence
Pravda in the Med
“The Party is always right.” At least, that’s what
Financial Crimes committee calls for action on SLAPP lawsuits and 17 Black
The European Parliament’s Committee on Financial Crimes, Tax Evasion
EP vote condemns Malta’s inaction on corruption, crime and protection of journalists
The European Parliamentary Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice, and
In the name of free speech
Over the weekend, Law Commissioner Franco Debono unleashed a
‘EU must take action to stop the silencing of the press’
Justin Borg-Barthet, a senior lecturer in EU Law at
When silence means consent
You can easily laugh off taunts levelled at critics
Media Pluralism Monitor report notes deterioration in Malta
The lack of political independence of the media is
Malta told to increase journalists’ protection at UN human rights review
The Malta delegation led by Minister for EU Affairs
‘Sophia’ now selling Moldova citizenship for Henley & Partners
At the annual Global Residence and Citizenship Conference by
Disinformation Watch #19: Unfreedom of expression
Prime Minister Joseph Muscat said “I will not allow
A victory for anti-SLAPP measures
A US court upheld an anti-Slapp motion filed by
‘The consequence for those who want to silence journalists must be public outrage’
If those wishing to silence journalists understand that the
Front Against Censorship proposes anti-SLAPP amendments to protect journalists from financial ruin
The solution against vexatious lawsuits filed against Maltese journalists
Hatred parading as free expression
With revelations into the reality of many Labour support
New media law “falls far short” of its promise – PEN
The new Media Bill enacted on Monday “falls far
Henley and Partners says it only sues Maltese journalists if government gives its ‘OK’
In a video conference Henley and Partners had with

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