Penza owes HSBC over €1 million as government approves his business venture on public land
Developer Carmelo Penza, who also owns tarmac and concrete
No action taken yet for insulting Chief Justice with ‘mafia’ slur in open court
Three months after Patrick Dalli, the husband of EU
Valletta Cultural Agency does not disclose budget for Mary Spiteri do
The Valletta Cultural Agency is not providing details on
Patrick Dalli loses libel case on his trip to Dubai with Labour Party delegation
The wheels of justice are known to move slowly
Patrick Dalli’s exhibition cost taxpayers €50,000
The publicly funded Valletta Cultural Agency (VCA) paid some
Bandwagon Dalli
Helena Dalli’s latest bungle as EU Equality Commissioner, necessitating
€6 million in direct orders from the Prime Minister’s Office in 3 years
The Office of the Prime Minister dished out close
OSCE report notes press freedom issues in Malta
“Journalists are targets but it is freedom of opinion
Theatre of the absurd
Patrick Dalli didn’t get the result he wanted in
OSCE Media Freedom Representative welcomes judgment for press freedom
The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media has
On the journalist’s duty to scrutinise those in power… and their spouses
“Respect for truth and for the right of the

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