Attempts to weaken standards on anti-SLAPP legislation must be fought back – CASE Coalition
In their call to action, the Coalition Against SLAPPs
Government waters down board of inquiry’s protection for journalists
Even after the government-appointed committee of media experts submitted
Media experts committee mum on reforms while government sits on recommendations
The press experts committee appointed by the prime minister
The wrong right of reply
The Right of Reply is not a tool for
Government’s press freedom proposals ‘not enough’
The media experts committee appointed by Prime Minister Robert
Joseph Muscat’s ‘technicality’: How his latest no-show in court builds on a pattern
If a politician has initiated libel proceedings, is it
Prime Minister given evidence of inquiry 5 days before he was questioned
One of the things that emerge from scrutiny of
SLAPP the threats, make a good law
For anyone who believes in press freedom, SLAPP (Strategic
Parliament to debate law amendments to protect journalists against crippling lawsuits
A Private Member’s Bill being presented in Parliament today
Libel: Time to turn the tables
Journalists have been attacked time and time again in

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