Libyan ‘catalogue of horrors’ militia conducts pushback from Malta SAR zone
Thirty people in distress on a small boat in
Malta’s population reaches record high placing strain on localities
Malta is experiencing unsustainable rates of population growth in
250 people pushed back to Libya after Malta claims it’s ‘on it’ – NGOs
Two hundred and fifty people in distress on a
Malta instructs merchant vessel to ignore 70 people in distress at sea
Maltese authorities instructed a merchant vessel to stand by
New government ambassadors are also part of ‘independent’ immigration board
Alexander Scerri Herrera and Maria Cardona, political appointees recently
Lust for life
Thousands marched in Valletta to protest the amendments that
EU ‘complicit’ in secretive Libyan prison and shadow immigration systems
An investigation by The New Yorker has shone a light
Pollution, greed and rude locals – why Malta’s expats are leaving
Construction, pollution and rubbish, “obscene” rental costs and unwelcoming
Respect human rights? It depends…
Late last month, our justice minister announced the government’s
Offers for detention vessels for migrants amount to tens of thousands per day
The government’s latest idea to re-introduce the detention of
The patriotism we owe ourselves
Patriotism – wrote Mark Twain in a serious mood
Malta insists migrants integrate, but denies the means
The inclusion and exclusion of immigrants in Malta takes
How much does Malta have to give?
Malta has a racism problem, and nothing is being
Who belongs in Malta?
The drive-by shooting of three migrants shows us that
A darkening horizon
Liberal critics of the current state of Maltese politics
Asylum seekers in Malta living in ‘rat-infested conditions’
Asylum seekers, refugees, and detainees are living in “deplorable”
Migration ‘crisis’ could reshape Europe
The latest shameful episode of Europe’s migration crisis is
EU military expert warns against returning migrants to Libya
The former director of the Maltese coast guard, Colonel
UN report sheds light on situation in Libya
The image of a dead migrant woman and her
Lifeline not registered with Dutch authorities, police tell court
The MV Lifeline is not registered with the Dutch
NGOs are doing what the EU is unwilling to do
We live in an upside down world. Take Malta,
2018: Will Italian election re-open Malta’s migration floodgates?
One major factor weighing on the Maltese political scene
A teenage snapshot of cosmopolitan Malta
Foreign workers are often seen as a threat to

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