Malta Chamber says systems to cut down corruption, clientelism a priority for government budget
The Chamber of Commerce wants the government to prioritise
Tourism minister’s partner reminds critic she got him government job
Tourism Minster Clayton Bartolo’s partner Amanda Muscat has taken
€12 million spent on consultants as traffic gridlock intensifies
Transport Malta made highly lucrative payments to government-connected consultants
Anti-clientelism MP accepts €6,000 a month job after losing his seat
Labour MP Oliver Scicluna accepted a €6,000 per month
St Julian’s mayor Albert Buttigieg on ‘fat cats’ and need for politics to return to ‘the common good’
Following public declarations about “fat cats” close to the
Government quietly alters jobless scheme parameters to allow it to load more people onto state payroll
The government has quietly changed the parameters of its
Continuity, only worse – Ranier Fsadni
Apart from the bonanza of gifts and discounts, Labour’s
Mayhem and abuse found at housing estates’ maintenance company
The company set up by the government to oversee
An epidemic of fiscal mismanagement
The latest report from the National Audit Office (NAO)
The unexpected return of the NIMBY voter
Beyond the world of polls and surveys where Labour
The vote buyer
“I have a duty to help whenever possible”.  This
Agriculture Ministry turning Pitkalija into Gozo employment agency as election looms
A government-owned company responsible for the running of the
Another day, another direct order
What do arms dealers and zookeepers know about medical
Robert Abela’s chief of staff gets €14,000 salary top up through second job
Clyde Caruana, the new chief of staff at the
Blame the system, not just the crooks
With the spotlight on the rot surrounding Joseph Muscat,
‘They did it, too!’
“It’s okay to give Kurt Farrugia Malta Enterprise because
It’s my turn to eat
If you watched it, you’ll remember how you felt
Joseph is the leader Malta deserves
The Maltese Dream of piracy and easy money is
How to institutionalise mediocrity
“I voted for you. Now you have to do
Politics in Malta: doing favours, winning friends
The late Labour Party strongman, and former Prime Minister

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