Steward being sued over unpaid coffee bills
Aqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti. Steward Health Care, which in
Court decision on Steward’s pending VAT bill of €37million put on hold
Aqra dan l-artiklu bil-Malti. A €37 million outstanding VAT
Chief justice silent on calls to assign magistrate to environmental crime cases
All environmental crime court cases in Malta have been
Prime minister renews commissioner for justice, despite ongoing criminal court case
Prime Minister Robert Abela has approved the renewal of
No action from PM as BA member Alessandro Lia faces criminal charges
Prime Minister Robert Abela has refrained from taking any
No action taken yet for insulting Chief Justice with ‘mafia’ slur in open court
Three months after Patrick Dalli, the husband of EU
Opinion: Course correction
“If you have a proposal that’s not in line
22-year environmental battle won as court confirms Hondoq permit denial
A 22-year battle to preserve Hondoq ir-Rummien Bay in
Pressure mounts as Justice Commissioner faces charges of aggravated grievous bodily harm
Prime Minister Robert Abela and Chief Justice Mark Chetcuti
Chief Justice actionless as judicial couple’s litigations clog courts
Chief Justice Mark Chetcuti has so far refrained from
Legal limbo as sitting magistrate faces criminal charges
An unsavoury situation that legal experts are expressing no
Lawyer ordered to repay €300,000 taken from Kazakh oligarch widow’s account
Veteran lawyer and businessman Pio Valletta has been ordered
Delay, disrupt, distract: the oil scandal case stumbles on PL’s favourite tactics
Chief Justice Mark Chetcuti last week issued a blistering
On human rights day, ‘band club protection’ law held to be in breach of human rights
In a judgement handed down by the Civil Court

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