Maltese government reputation laundering aide escapes US extradition
Former espionage expert, consultant, and indirect reputation launderer for
Government nominates former PN Balzan mayor as ambassador to Romania
Notary Ian Spiteri, the former popular Nationalist mayor of
Cypriot authorities revoke 21 passports purchased by sanctioned Russian oligarchs
As the noose tightens on the wealth and freedom
Bulgaria’s cash for passports scheme under EU scrutiny
After Bulgaria pledged to end its ‘golden passport’ scheme
Countries block travel from Malta despite Prime Minister’s reassurance
Bulgaria is the second country in the span of
Can independent media survive where the rule of law is under threat?
A free and impartial media is the fourth pillar
Tough measures axed in EU report on cash-for-passport schemes
The European Commission’s report on cash-for-passport schemes that called
Bulgaria set to cancel its cash for passport scheme
Bulgaria, one of only three EU Member States selling
Why are taxpayers forking out €1.4m to permit more air pollution?
In a recent report by the European Environment Agency,
Malta only country in EU to miss ‘every single target’ on emissions
Malta is the only country in the EU to
Bulgarians mourns slain journalist amid calls for international independent investigation
Bulgarians across the country mourned the death of 30-year
Call for protection for murdered Bulgarian journalist’s colleagues
International organisations are calling for a full investigation into

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