Three high-rise blocks proposed in Ta’ Giorni residential area
A residential development consisting of three high-rise blocks at
SLAPP the threats, make a good law
For anyone who believes in press freedom, SLAPP (Strategic
Government ditched plan to invest €45 million in Air Malta shares
The government was planning to take up shares worth
Parliament to debate law amendments to protect journalists against crippling lawsuits
A Private Member’s Bill being presented in Parliament today
Will international criticism dent Muscat’s ratings?
Joseph Muscat has decided to ignore calls by a
Rizzo nomination: valid or not?
The news that former Police Commissioner John Rizzo had
Three months since Daphne’s assassination: calls to end impunity
Three months’ since the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana
Tunnel proposed to cater for increased traffic to St George’s Bay
A 1.3km tunnel is being proposed in Pembroke to
Parliamentary diabetes committee yet to be set up despite agreement
Both government and the opposition are in agreement over