Students lead silent marches in Bratislava, call for new elections 

Thousands gather to pay tribute to murdered journalist Jan Kuciak and demand new elections to guarantee fair investigations 

Former Slovak Prime Minister might have resigned but this did not stop some 25,000 people from returning to the streets of Bratislava to attend a silent march organised by university students on Friday.

Under the slogan “Nie Je Nám To Jedno” (We Do Care), the crowds started to gather at the Comenius University in Bratislava and marched in silence towards SNP square. Thousands of high school and university students participated in the manifestation in memory of murdered journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee.

Parts of the crowd, against the advise of the organisers, proceeded towards parliament demanding the removal of Police Chief Tibor Gašpar.

Other demostrations where held in Brezno, Košice, Prešov, Trenčin and Trnava.

Fico resigned last week but the existing three-party coalition has been reformed under a new prime minister, meaning no new elections are being held.

Although Fico has resigned many Slovaks remain unhappy at his party, SMER, remaining in power. Moreover, the person chosen to lead the new government, Peter Pellegrini is a close ally of Fico.

Some protesters called for new elections given that they see the government reshuffle as insufficient to safeguard a fair investigation of Kuciak’s murder.

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