Konrad’s day of reckoning
Disgraced former minister Konrad Mizzi, one of the evil
Factory of lies
What’s happened to PN MP Karol Aquilina over the
Never trust a turncoat
The extraordinary news that Labour MP and PN flip-flopper
Farewell to Comino
Malta’s last precious outpost of sanity has fallen to
Portelli and the politicians
Joseph Portelli, the Gozitan building contractor who appeared out
The Schembri clan: proving the proverb
Josette Schembri Vella, wife of alleged fraudster and money
The sound of doors slamming shut
What must it be like to be Clyde Caruana,
Forty-seven months
It’s been almost four years since the brutal assassination
Malta ranked worst in the EU for money-laundering risk: Basel AML Index 2021
Malta is the riskiest jurisdiction in the European Union
Smug brush offs won’t save you, Robert
Robert Abela, astonishingly serving as prime minister of Malta,
Voters held to ransom
As speculation about a possible November election intensifies, the
Dalli’s turn in the dock
Shamed and humiliated former EU commissioner John Dalli is
No free passes, George Vella
We’ve been treated often enough to the sight of
Pilatus Bank: too little, too late
The FIAU has fined shuttered money-launderette Pilatus Bank €4.9
Swallowing red herrings
Crazy just keeps getting crazier on this insane island.
The secret plans of Ian Borg
There’s something very disturbing about what’s happening in Marsascala
Shut up and go away
Accused murderer and alleged importer of a massacre-worthy quantity
Sleeping with the fishes
The publication of the conclusions of the public inquiry
Speak up now, Yorgen Fenech
It’s taken far too long, but finally, it’s been
A strategy for space: more hot air from Owen Bonnici
Malta is certainly in the gutter now, but Research
A parliament of larcenists
Maltese taxpayers are the victims of a merciless, unending
The great deceiver: why Sant’s toxic ideas are always deadly
Three days ago, failed former prime minister and supreme
Tyrants and murderers always fall in the end
“When I despair, I remember that all through history
The billboard wars
Yesterday evening social media sites lit up with excited
‘Run, rabbit, run’
Just as we began to digest the conclusions of
The rule of delinquents confirmed
As Robert Abela, prime minister and former adviser to
Murderers in government: Labour’s poisonous legacy
The Maltese state is responsible for the assassination of
Heading straight for the brick wall
That famous ‘40,000’. According to The Times’ survey published
The dishonesty of double standards
Equality Minister Owen Bonnici, who has been condemned by
UK redlisting: ‘dangerous’ for the economy, ‘weak’ PM must take action
Malta has been slammed with the UK’s red-listing and

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