Independent candidate Arnold Cassola denied access to rolling vote count

In a letter to the Electoral Commission, independent candidate Arnold Cassola has claimed that his right to get updates on the rolling vote count – given to the two main political parties – is being breached.

“For two years, I have been asking you to give me access to the rolling vote count with updates on first preference votes every five minutes so I can do my sampling. It’s the same service you give to the PN and PL,” Cassola wrote when only six hours were left before the votes were counted.

“I am battling for a seat in the European Parliament on the same level as the PL and the PN. It’s not on for the Electoral Commission to hide behind rules and agreements that are archaic and discriminatory to give an advantage to these two political opponents,” he added.

The Electoral Commission is led by Joseph Camilleri and consists of members chosen by the two main political parties.

“I hope the Electoral Commission realises that if it fails to give me updates in the same way it does to the PL and PN, then it is complicit in undermining what should be a fair and equitable electoral process,” Cassola said.

At the time of writing, on the day that votes start to be counted, the Electoral Commission had not met Cassola’s request. Meanwhile, ADPD deputy chairperson Carmel Cacopardo also said he asked for access, which was denied in an email he received last night.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commission said on Sunday that voter turnout in the 2024 European Parliament elections was estimated at just over 70%.


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15 days ago

The corrupt PN/LP duopoly are running scared of possible competition.

Out of Curiosity
Out of Curiosity
15 days ago

Today’s electoral result brings with it the so much desired hope for Malta and the Maltese. The opposition now has a much higher responsibility to keep the Government in check. In addition, this is a vote of no confidence in Robert Abela, notwithstanding the corrupt practices to buy votes.

Last edited 15 days ago by Out of Curiosity
Erminia calleja
Erminia calleja
15 days ago

He should be given access. It should have been amended before so as to create fairness to all canditates.

Carmelo borg
15 days ago


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