‘Farmer’ tries duping PA using his wife in new development application

The development was rejected twice, and the applicant has filed a new application in his wife's name using the minister's relative as an architect.


A few years ago, the Planning Authority and the Environment Planning and Review Tribunal twice turned down a Gozitan’s application to build an ‘agricultural store’ on unspoiled farmland. The same application has been filed again, this time bearing his wife’s name.

Despite changing the applicant’s name from Jeffrey Zammit to Margaret Zammit, the proposal is identical to the one rejected earlier. The architect behind the proposal is Alex Bigeni, a relative of Planning Minister Clint Camilleri.

In 2019, Zammit, who owns several parcels of farmland in Mgarr ix-Xini, applied to build a 40-square-metre store on top of an underground basement with a water reservoir.

The Planning Authority turned down the request, observing that the applicant was using his land for illegal trapping and already had several rooms on his property that he could use as a store.

The Planning Authority also noted that Bigeni’s design of the ‘store’ was “not intended for agricultural use.”

After the refusal, Zammit appealed to the Environment Planning and Review Tribunal, but his appeal was rejected.

Alexander Bigeni.

The Planning Authority noted that Margaret Zammit lives at the same address as the original applicant and confirmed that this is Zammit’s third attempt to obtain a development permit, which is against the law.

Over the past few years, it has become common practice to file Outside Development Zone (ODZ) applications for the development of agricultural stores, which are then gradually converted into residences. Water reservoir permits often morph into pools for these residences.

For several years, Bigeni also served as a consultant to Minister Clint Camilleri.


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17 days ago

Kullimkien hekk qed jigri! Dawn li japplikaw hadd minnhom mhu full time farmer u allabierek l permess johrog! Kullimkien nitnu! Isthu PA! Kemm wiehed japplika fejn irid u kif irid u bum permess approved!

17 days ago

Kulhadd irid ifotti …. U jekk ma jghaddix mill-bieb, jipprova mit-tieqa!

Noel Ciantar
Noel Ciantar
17 days ago

Why don’t the Zammits file a new application together, asking for the permit for a “sheep farm”? They stand a better chance of getting one given recent trends in planning.

Joseph Tabone Adami
Joseph Tabone Adami
17 days ago

The Maltese saying goes “Bis-sahha tal-gharusa, tidhol il-qattusa”.

It’s the wife, in this instance – but it is just as deceitful.

16 days ago

this Bigeni’s architect’s license should be taken away, given that he knew everything and works as a friend of the minister… but we are in Malta and everything is possible, who knows even if he doesn’t get something to carry on these projects…

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