Marmara gets new direct order from Planning Authority for unspecified survey

Labour’s pollster Vince Marmara, has been given a new government-funded direct order by the Planning Authority to carry out an unspecified survey.

According to the latest list of direct orders issued by the Planning Authority and published in the Government Gazette, Marmara was given a €9,200 contract to conduct “two cross-sectional research surveys among the Maltese population to investigate topics about the Planning Authority”.

No further details were given on what the research relates to and on which topics.

The university lecturer and businessman often receives government direct orders, totalling tens of thousands of euro every year.

At the same time, Marmara publishes regular surveys, mostly showing Labour’s polling position, which the government and the pro-Labour media use to consolidate its electoral position.

While Marmara’s surveys are published in GWU’s newspaper, ‘it-Torċa,’ he has never answered questions about who finances his work.

The Shift asked Marmara if the newspaper pays for the surveys, but he did not reply.

Meanwhile, the Planning Authority has continued to breach public procurement rules regarding direct orders.

To hold its annual awards relating to the aesthetics of contemporary Maltese architecture, the Planning Authority spent over €65,000 on a three-hour-long event.

All service providers were issued direct orders without any call for tenders.

At the same time, while already employing several officials on a full-time basis to work on public relations, Oliver Magro – the OPM-appointed CEO – has also engaged the service of an external PR consultant.

According to the Government Gazette, Raymond DeBono, a marketing specialist and a former businessman, has been recruited at the Planning Authority’s PR wing through a repetitive direct order issued every three months worth €9,776.

Repetitive direct orders are irregular and in breach of public procurement rules.


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Out of Curiosity
Out of Curiosity
1 month ago

This is properly why I continue to emphasise that the surveys of this opportunist are literally skewed. He has a conflict of interest and his surveys are abundantly inflated to please his masters and restore public confidence in the labour party. In the meantime he continues to milk in public funds.

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