BCA did not provide documents for KTP investigation, Polidano files judicial protest

The Building and Construction Authority has refuted claims of a lack of cooperation with the Kamra Tal-Periti (Chamber of Architects) in its investigation into dangerous demolition works at the former GO exchange building last February.

In a statement on Friday, KTP said it would be concluding its investigation into the architects involved in the incident, notably including former Building and Construction Authority chair Maria Schembri Grima, as it was the contractors involved, Polidano Group, that did not follow the demolition method statement.

In their statement, KTP also said, “It is regretted that the Building and Construction Authority did not cooperate with the Kamra’s investigations.”

Following KTP’s statement, the Building and Construction Authority issued a response claiming they “have always helped the KTP whenever requested to do so formally,” saying lines of communication are always open “particularly since KTP is [the BCA’s] main collaborator in the Authority’s reforms.”

In comments to The Shift asking for more information, KTP president Andre Pizzuto said KTP “asked for the Site Management Responsibility Form and the method statements as they were no longer available publicly.”

Pizzuto said the documentation, usually available publicly on the Planning Authority server, was not present in this case, and they had to obtain it themselves from the architects involved.

He said, “It would have also been useful to know what [the BCA’s] enforcement officers reported on the day of the incident.”

The KTP’s investigation started last February following the publication of online videos showing dangerous demolition works at the former GO exchange office in Birkirkara by Polidano Group workers contracted by Joseph Portelli.

In its press release, the KTP concluded that the methods seen in the online videos differed from those specified in the architects’ method statement, largely placing the blame on the contractor for the debacle.

Polidano Group response

In response to the conclusion of the KTP’s investigation, the Polidano Group said it would be filing a judicial protest against KTP, claiming their investigation prejudiced an ongoing court case against the contractor.

Polidano’s press release said it “categorically rejects the findings” of the KTP investigation “, which exonerates one of its own members,” holding the Chamber responsible for any damages ensuing from the media coverage of KTP’s statement.

They said KTP did not ask Polidano Group for their version of events, claiming such an approach “casts serious doubts on the credibility of the KTP’s investigation.”

Polidano Group further noted that “responsibility for closing the necessary roads around the site lay with the developer – not the contractor,” shifting the blame onto developer Joseph Portelli.

Polidano Group concluded by calling on KTP to retract the findings of its investigation, holding them “personally liable” for reputational damages.


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Francis Said
Francis Said
5 months ago

Polidano should be blacklisted as a Contractor, until all the necessary documentation reappears on the PA. Website.
Polidano should thank his lucky stars that a possible colossal tragedy did not happen.
Secondly, immediate action to demolish and close off all the irregularities of the Montecristo rubbish and the caged animals it contains and any other irregularities elsewhere.
Polidano and his lawyers should assume their responsibility, not defend irresponsible demolition.
Pictures of what happened are louder than words.

A. Fan
A. Fan
5 months ago

As there are undoubtedly experienced legal practitioners in the readership, can someone please explain to me why we don’t see more cases (and sanctions) for baseless abuse of the court system? Simple professional courtesy among sharks?

Out of Curiosity
Out of Curiosity
5 months ago

BCA’s lack of collaboration in this investigation is another dark day in the Authority’s recent history, as this is being managed by crooks. Why did BCA not provide KTP with the necessary documents and case report? Who they want to protect? The contractor’s interest? Or the interest of its eks Chairperson of the Board, Perit Maria Schembri Grima? Perhaps, they want to protect the interest of both parties involved in the incident. Surely, this is unequivocal evidence that this Authority is not intended to safeguard the interest of the general public, but only to those who are in this big business. And Minister Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi and CEO Jesmond Muscat are very good at doing this dirty job, to the detriment of Maltese citizens.

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