PM mum on status of Melvin Theuma’s fixer’s job

Prime Minister Robert Abela has stayed silent on whether Rabat mayor Sandro Craus will retain a lucrative job handed to him despite pending criminal charges relating to favours given to the middleman in the assassination of Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Following a Freedom of Information request, The Shift revealed that Craus landed a new €65,000 a year government job as chief business development officer at Project Plus, a public entity entrusted with project management of government capital projects.

He resigned from the  Office of the Prime Minister shortly after Abela came to power and received the new role a few weeks later. Aside from the package, including a €53,000 basic salary, the FoI shows he will benefit from a performance bonus, a fully expensed car, and communications and expense allowances.

The job title raised eyebrows as the entity only works with other government entities, so there is no actual business to develop. Furthermore, as Craus is also mayor, his contract does not specify any set working times, a location where he is supposed to carry out his job, or even a job description.

Furthermore, according to established public sector rules, employees on the state payroll who face criminal proceedings are automatically suspended on half-pay. If they are found guilty, separate procedures are started by the head of the Public Service, Tony Sultana, to terminate their services.

Shortly after being handed the role, which enjoys “indefinite” states- something unusual in such positions, he was arraigned in court and accused, together with his former boss, disgraced OPM Chief of Staff Keith Schembri, of theft, misappropriation of funds and other criminal offences.

His arraignment followed revelations connected to the middleman, Melvin Theuma, involved in the assassination of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia.

But despite this, the silence from Abela and his direct superior, James Camenzuli, the politically appointed CEO of Projects Plus, is deafening.

When asked by The Shift whether public sector procedures to suspend Craus were followed, both Abela and Camenzuli did not respond. They also declined to answer whether Craus is still turning up to work at Projects Plus.

According to court evidence, Craus was the person at the OPM who arranged a phantom government job for Theuma with a government entity.

The move was made shortly after the assassination of the journalist and following a one-to-one private meeting with the alleged assassination fixer and Schembri inside his office at Castille.

According to Theuma, Craus had called him for the meeting, took the picture shown above with Schembri and arranged his government job without asking.

Theuma also admitted that through Craus’s intervention, he started receiving payment for his government ‘job’ even though he never turned up for work.

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Emanuel (Noel) Ciantar
Emanuel (Noel) Ciantar
13 days ago

Does this mean that the man who arranged a phantom job for Melvin Theuma has now been given a phantom job for himself?

You say that Craus is the Mayor of Rabat. Given the state of neglect in some parts of Rabat, I would say that the Mayor of Rabat is another phantom.

13 days ago

Melvin was paid for doing a good job of one of the actions required to Murder Daphne Caruana Galizia.
: Find experienced Car Bombers promising
A government job for the intermediary.
and thousands in cash to the bombers
But who knew about Melvin in the first place?
Let us try this logic :
PM Muscat knew Keith
Keith knew Jurgen
Jurgen knew Melvin
Melvin knew the Car Bombers………..
The Bombers knew from where and how to……….

The Bombers pleaded guilty
Jurgen is being accused of what exactly?
After all Claus is being accused of giving the job to Melvin
and Claus is being remunerated for his services by getting a promotion.
Who approves promotions in the Civil,Service,
Which now brings us to ABELA. Robert
The PM now.
Yes definitely a Satanic Agreement.

13 days ago

Of course Abela stays silent- he is just as bent as the rest of the gang.

13 days ago

Is he a job-magnet or an crook-magnet?
Anyway ROBBER Abela’s profession is a good-for-nothing.

Robbie Tabone
13 days ago

Hawn xi hadd onest fil-klikka ta’ Joseph Muscat? Kullhadd imcappas bil-xxxx.

Emanuel (Noel) Ciantar
Emanuel (Noel) Ciantar
13 days ago

Look at that picture of Keith Schembri with Melvin Theuma. Isn’t it a great picture? If it is true that it was taken by Sandro Craus, he could have done a great job as a photographer for Ian Borg.

Godfrey Leone Ganado
Godfrey Leone Ganado
12 days ago

Impunity and misappropriation of taxpayer funds ‘par excellence’ with the blessing of the Mafia boss.

Adrian camilleri
Adrian camilleri
12 days ago

If Craus can hand out a new job, to a criminal.He can also give himself & the people around him,anything.They are a bunch of criminals and thieves, that need to be thrown out of office, as soon as possible.

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