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Confusion reigns at airport with new ground handling company

Travellers travelling for the Christmas holidays have to brace themselves for possible delays, confusion and lost baggage as Air Malta’s new ground handling services company is having difficulty coping.

Construction industry regulator hosts expensive Christmas bash

The Building and Construction Authority BCA went ahead with its €15,000 Christmas Party at Marriott Hotel on Friday night – just two weeks after Malta’s latest construction fatality.

“Don’t ask questions if you don’t want lawsuits” – PA lawyer

If The Shift did not want to battle 40 lawsuits from the government, it should not have filed 40 Freedom of Information requests, a lawyer for the Planning Authority said in court on Wednesday.

Ian Borg, TM chair, personally handled €500,000 metro promo procurement

The government broke all public procurement rules when giving out some 20 direct orders to events company TEC Ltd for promoting the ‘Malta Metro’.

FMS has 13 ‘persons of trust’, including a chef

The Foundation for Medical Services (FMS) continues to recruit staff on a ‘person of trust’ basis instead of through competitive processes despite a warning from the Auditor General.


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